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RIBA5618Westminster Abbey, London: the gilt bronze tomb effigies of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York in the Lady Chapel

RIBA10567West Norwood Cemetery, London: monument to James William Gilbart

RIBA10568West Norwood Cemetery, London: the monument to T. E. Schilizzi with female figure under a baldacchino in the Greek part of the cemetery with the mausoleum of John Peter Ralli just visible on the right

RIBA11694West Cross, the Round Tower and graveyard, Monasterboice

RIBA11695West Cross and the Round Tower, Monasterboice

RIBA13726Yorktown Monument, Yorktown, Virginia

RIBA13775Yorktown Monument, Yorktown, Virginia

RIBA13776Yorktown Monument, Yorktown, Virginia

RIBA15512Westminster Abbey, London: the north transept with the tombs of William Pitt and Charles Fox

RIBA21105View of Trajan's Forum, Rome: Trajan's Column, the churches of Santa Maria di Loreto and Santissimo Nome di Maria

RIBA21898Wells Cathedral, Somerset: monument to Countess Joanna de Lisle in the south transept

RIBA29222View of the Old Convent in the Longue Rue Neuf, Antwerp

RIBA31344View of the Martyrs' Memorial, Magdalen Street, Oxford, with the church of St Mary Magdalen and part of Balliol College seen in the background

RIBA42085Worcester Cathedral: white marble monument to Elizabeth Digby (d.1825) in the retro-choir

RIBA48827Westminster Abbey, London: the Decorated tomb canopy on the right of the choir screen containing the monument to 1st Earl of Stanhope (d.1721)

RIBA50678Woman walking along a backstreet, Perugia

RIBA91931York Minster: the south choir aisle, monument to Sir William Gee

RIBA100102Winchester Cathedral: the south transept with Bishop Wilberforce's memorial

RIBA100104Winchester Cathedral: the Fox Chantry Chapel, with effigy of Bishop Fox

RIBA108243Woodland Cemetery, Stockholm: the Resurrection Monument at the entrance to the Chapel of the Holy Cross

RIBA108244Woodland Cemetery, Stockholm: the Resurrection Monument at the entrance to the Chapel of the Holy Cross, in the Monument Hall


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