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View of New York from the World Trade Center, New YorkRIBA89583

View of New York from the World Trade Center, New York, looking down onto the Woolworth Buldiing and other early skyscrapersRIBA89582

View of Newgate Prison, Newgate Street, London: outline perspective of the main facade of the prison and adjacent housesRIBA66922

View of Newlyn village and harbour, CornwallRIBA22131

View of Nottingham Castle with gabled houses and a church at the bottom of the hillRIBA84030

View of Nottingham from the westRIBA92045

View of Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset, with the church of St Andrew in the backgroundRIBA18191

View of old Portsmouth, Hampshire, with the dockyard in the backgroundRIBA47258

View of Old Schools, the Senate House and Great St Mary's Church, CambridgeRIBA83066

View of Oxford city centre showing Nuffield Collage under construction in the centreRIBA47257

View of Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, with members of a religious fraternity processing through the streets in the foregroundRIBA21138

View of Palestrina (formerly Praeneste) from the great square from which vestiges of the Temple of Fortune can be seenRIBA84189

View of Palestrina (formerly Praeneste) said to be from the 9th platformRIBA84190

View of part of the ruins of the Palace of Tirumalai Nayak with an open court in the foreground, Madurai, MadrasRIBA66409

View of part of the ruins of the Palace of Tirumalai Nayak, Madurai, MadrasRIBA66408

View of part of the Tower of the Winds (Horologion of Andronikos Kyrrhestes), AthensRIBA20657

View of peasant figures and a cart beside a Gothic cathedralRIBA29602

View of Pendleton's Timber Yard situated under the arches of a railway viaduct probably in LondonRIBA29402

View of piazza, church and tower in unidentified Italian townRIBA96627

View of pleasureboats on a river or lake, with townhouses seen in the background possibly in LondonRIBA29395

View of Plymouth city centre with Derry's Cross on the leftRIBA47256

View of Portland Place, London: perspectiveRIBA94031

View of Portmeirion from the estuary of the River DwyrydRIBA11837

View of PotsdamRIBA3840


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