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View of the bridge across the canal and the bath house in the pleasure grounds of Stone House, near East Grinstead, West SussexRIBA85128

View of the Bridge over the Ilissus River connecting the Panathenaic Stadium with the city of AthensRIBA30624

View of the Burnt Column (column of Constantine the Great), IstanbulRIBA21310

View of the Caelian hill from the Aventine hill, RomeRIBA16551

View of the Campanile (Leaning Tower), Campo dei Miracoli, PisaRIBA95951

View of the campanile of the Palazzo Pubblico, SienaRIBA20614

View of the Cappella Paolina, Vatican City, Rome, during a religious ceremonyRIBA21206

View of the Cascade, Chiswick House, LondonRIBA82392

View of the Cenotaph and Governor's House seen from across the river, Barrackpore, West BengalRIBA37341

View of the Choragic Monument of Lysicrates seen walled into the garden end of the Hospitum of the Capuchins (Capuchin Monastery), AthensRIBA13461

View of the Choregic Monument of Lysicrates and Capuchin Monastery, Athens, prior to the demolition of the monastery and subsequent restoration of the monumentRIBA20656

View of the church and castle, Nienburg-SaaleRIBA23284

View of the Church of St Mark, school and surrounding buildings, Swindon, Wiltshire: perspective viewRIBA31377

View of the churchyard cross, St Donat's, with St Donat's castle seen in the backgroundRIBA31093

View of the city of Abbeville, Picardy, with the Church of St Vulfran seen in the backgroundRIBA29627

View of the city of Baalbek from the south, showing its antiquities and Turkish buildingsRIBA67429

View of the Collector's House at Hooghly, West BengalRIBA37339

View of the Colosseum, RomeRIBA66213

View of the entrance into Warwick Castle with the outer walls including Guy's TowerRIBA84034

View of the entrance lodges and Ionic screen, Hooton Hall, CheshireRIBA37482

View of the Fancy Fair, Vauxhall Gardens, Lambeth, LondonRIBA83048

View of the farm house and outbuildings, Stone House, near East Grinstead, West SussexRIBA85129

View of the Festival of Britain South Bank site under construction: perspective showing the Dome of Discovery and surrounding exhibition buildingsRIBA32580

View of the Firth of Forth from the Cramond Esplanade, Leith, EdinburghRIBA14624


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