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View of the Fondamenta Cabala from the Salt Magazines on the Zattere, VeniceRIBA38460

View of the font in St Mary's, Worlingworth, SuffolkRIBA83050

View of the former University Library (now the Cockerell Building), Cambridge, under constructionRIBA83067

View of the fort on a hill overlooking the River Ganges, Chunar, Uttar PradeshRIBA66398

View of the fort overlooking the River Ganges, Chunar, Uttar PradeshRIBA37154

View of the Forum, RomeRIBA38328

View of the Forum, Rome, with the Temple of Castor and Pollux seen in the foregroundRIBA29300

View of the front facade of the Badia, Fiesole, near FlorenceRIBA20618

View of the gateway and lodges, Ilam Hall, Staffordshire: perspectiveRIBA37938

View of the ghats (steps), buildings and Smaller Mosque of Aurangzeb from the river, Varanasi (Benares), Uttar PradeshRIBA37209

View of the Governor's House, Barrackpore, West BengalRIBA37343

View of the granite column of San Teodoro with the Libreria Sansoviniana and Zecca in the Piazzetta di San Marco, VeniceRIBA38436

View of the Great Hall, Naworth Castle, CumbriaRIBA20162

View of the hexagonal court of the Great Temple (or Temple of Jupiter), BaalbekRIBA67436

View of the Hindu sun temple, Deo, BiharRIBA66404

View of the Hindu sun temple, Deo, BiharRIBA35772

View of the Hindu sun temple, Deo, BiharRIBA20063

View of the Hippodrome (Atmeydani), Contantinople (Istanbul), with two obelisks and the minarets of the Sultan Ahmet Camii (Blue Mosque) seen in the backgroundRIBA21402

View of the hot-houses and greenhouse of Stone House, near East Grinstead, West SussexRIBA85133

View of the house of Samuel Davis on a hill with the approach road bordered by trees, Bhagalpur, BiharRIBA66406

View of the Hudson River and Staten Island ,New York from the World Trade Center, New YorkRIBA89588

View of the Hudson River, New York from the World Trade Center, New YorkRIBA89584

View of the Hutteapour Gate showing adjoining walls of the fortress-palace at Allahabad, Uttar PradeshRIBA66401

View of the inside of the Temple of Jupiter, Diocletian's Palace, Split (formerly Spalatro)RIBA16697


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