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RIBA13098Design for a sundial and entrance gate at The Pastures, North Luffenham, Rutland: plans, elevation and details of the sundial and elevations and details of gate

RIBA13100Designs for a house known variously as Merlshanger, Wancote and Greyfriars, The Hog's Back, Puttenham, Surrey, for Julian Sturgis Esq: details of doors and serving hatch

RIBA13101Design for a gate at Priors Garth, Puttenham, Surrey

RIBA13104Design for Hill Close, Studland Bay, Studland, Dorset

RIBA13106Design for a cottage

RIBA13107Design for a sideboard for the Essex and Suffolk Equitable Insurance Society offices, Capel House, New Broad Street, City of London: plans, elevations, section and details

RIBA13110Design for a wallpaper or textile named 'Claudea'

RIBA13111Design for a wallpaper showing stylized birds and poppies

RIBA13112Design for a wallpaper and carpet showing stylized flowers and leaves

RIBA13113Design for a wallpaper named 'Heylaugh'

RIBA13114Design for a wallpaper named 'The Union of Hearts'

RIBA13115Design, possibly for a wallpaper frieze, showing swimming seagulls and rows of stylized flowers

RIBA13116Design for a carpet showing a bird and a nest in a tree

RIBA13117Detail of the design for the 'River Rug'

RIBA13118Design for the 'River Rug'

RIBA13119Design for a wallpaper showing thistles and wheat

RIBA13120Design for a textile or wallpaper, showing a stag's head and a dove among stylized acanthus leaves

RIBA13121Sketch for a textile design for Alexander Morton

RIBA13122Design for 'The Grape Stripe'

RIBA13123Design for a carpet showing flowers, leaves and large orange berries

RIBA13124Design for a textile or wallpaper named 'Tudor Rose'

RIBA13125Design for a textile or wallpaper named 'Love-in-a-mist'

RIBA13126Design for a textile or wallpaper named 'Vair'

RIBA13127Design for a wallpaper showing birds in flight


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