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RIBA4497Roadside advertising for Olivetti sales, Rome

RIBA4498Pirelli advertising along the Milan-Turin autostrada

RIBA4526Princess Elizabeth of York Hospital for Children, Banstead Wood, Surrey: frontispiece of the publicity brochure showing Shaw House surrounded by woodland

RIBA5005St James Street Station, Walthamstow, London

RIBA6351Piccadilly Circus, London

RIBA9789Sam's Town hotel and gambling hall, Las Vegas

RIBA11004Sign in the pavement at the entrance to an inn, Castagnola, Lugano

RIBA17167Premises for Austin Reed, 9 Fargate, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

RIBA18374Snack bar, Chudleigh

RIBA19324Pedestrians on a street corner in Rome

RIBA19327Pre St Didier, Little St Bernard Pass, The Alps

RIBA19330Scene at a level-crossing at Pisa

RIBA19331Pirelli advertising on the Milan-Turin motorway

RIBA28859Outrage: advertising stations, Northwich

RIBA38185Paramount & Plaza cinema, Lower Regent Street, London

RIBA38675Piccadilly Circus with 'Eros' enclosed in a birdcage structure for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, London

RIBA41847Sector 22 Health Centre, Chandigarh

RIBA47872Shops on Tavistock Street at the corner of Wellington Street, Covent Garden, London

RIBA47914Piccadilly Circus, London, by night

RIBA54941Radio City Tower, Houghton Street, Liverpool, seen from Hanover Street

RIBA58704Premises for Austin Reed, 9 Fargate, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

RIBA58705Premises for Austin Reed, 9 Fargate, Sheffield, South Yorkshire: the shop front

RIBA88800Shops, Soho, London

RIBA88802Piccadilly Circus, London, seen from the bottom of Regent Street


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