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RIBA113630Colosseum, Rome

RIBA113613Colosseum, Rome, at night

RIBA113612Colosseum, Rome, at night

RIBA100449Colosseum, Rome, before the broken exterior wall had been supported

RIBA2475-7Colosseum, Rome, by moonlight

RIBA112826Colosseum, Rome, from the north-west

RIBA25658Colosseum, Rome, seen from the Palatine Hill

RIBA113631Colosseum, Rome, with part of the Arch of Titus in the foreground

RIBA14076Colosseum, Rome: arcade detail

RIBA113148Colosseum, Rome: detail of a corridor

RIBA95447Colosseum, Rome: details of impost and pedestals

RIBA25659Colosseum, Rome: elevated view of the arena showing the underground passages

RIBA95446Colosseum, Rome: elevation and section with the top storey drawn in [by Phillipps?]

RIBA100828Colosseum, Rome: plans, sections and elevation

RIBA10252Colosseum, Rome: portion of elevation and details

RIBA16205Colosseum, Rome: section

RIBA50225Colosseum, Rome: the arena

RIBA113161Colosseum, Rome: the arena

RIBA70411Conference and exhibition centre (Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos), Granada: roof-top arena

RIBA70412Conference and exhibition centre (Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos), Granada: seating for the roof-top arena

RIBA28394Conjectural reconstruction of the Amphiteatrum Castrensis, Rome

RIBA20730Conjectural reconstruction of the large theatre at Pompeii as it might have appeared between AD 68 and AD 79: perspective

RIBA28258Conjectural reconstruction of the Roman Theatre, Verona

RIBA28259Conjectural reconstruction of the Roman Theatre, Verona


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