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RIBA2475-7Colosseum, Rome, by moonlight

RIBA10252Colosseum, Rome: portion of elevation and details

RIBA14076Colosseum, Rome: arcade detail

RIBA16205Colosseum, Rome: section

RIBA20730Conjectural reconstruction of the large theatre at Pompeii as it might have appeared between AD 68 and AD 79: perspective

RIBA25658Colosseum, Rome, seen from the Palatine Hill

RIBA25659Colosseum, Rome: elevated view of the arena showing the underground passages

RIBA28258Conjectural reconstruction of the Roman Theatre, Verona

RIBA28259Conjectural reconstruction of the Roman Theatre, Verona

RIBA28394Conjectural reconstruction of the Amphiteatrum Castrensis, Rome

RIBA50225Colosseum, Rome: the arena

RIBA70411Conference and exhibition centre (Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos), Granada: roof-top arena

RIBA70412Conference and exhibition centre (Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos), Granada: seating for the roof-top arena

RIBA95446Colosseum, Rome: elevation and section with the top storey drawn in [by Phillipps?]

RIBA95447Colosseum, Rome: details of impost and pedestals

RIBA100449Colosseum, Rome, before the broken exterior wall had been supported

RIBA100828Colosseum, Rome: plans, sections and elevation

RIBA112826Colosseum, Rome, from the north-west

RIBA113148Colosseum, Rome: detail of a corridor

RIBA113161Colosseum, Rome: the arena

RIBA113612Colosseum, Rome, at night

RIBA113613Colosseum, Rome, at night

RIBA113630Colosseum, Rome

RIBA113631Colosseum, Rome, with part of the Arch of Titus in the foreground


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