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RIBA12223Design for the barge commissioned by Frederick, Prince of Wales

RIBA18842Designs for a small Gothick tower, gondolas in Chinese style, swings and other garden elements

RIBA20393Design for an unidentified marina development, incorporating housing, commercial buildings and public spaces

RIBA20395Design for an unidentified waterside office block with helicopter terminal

RIBA20622Designs for a pedestrian precinct incorporating Old Palace Yard and Parliament Square, Westminster, London

RIBA26714Decorated prows of gondolas in Rio di Palazzo, Venice

RIBA30149Design for a yacht club for the Broadlands Yachting Company, Horning, Norfolk

RIBA31219Design for an office building for the General Steam Navigation Company Limited, Brewers Quay, Lower Thames Street, London: perspective view from the river

RIBA31351Design for a monument to Admiral Lord Nelson produced for Alexander Davison: elevation with text detailing Nelson's victories, honours and rewards

RIBA31374Design for the Britannia Monument (Nelson's Column), Great Yarmouth, Norfolk: perspective view drawn from a model

RIBA31605Design for the loggia at the eastern end of the Italian Garden by the lake, Hever Castle, Kent: perspective view

RIBA33192Design model for the Sea and Ships Pavilion, Festival of Britain exhibition site, South Bank, London

RIBA35875Design for an office building at New Fresh Wharf, London: perspective view

RIBA36100Design for a bookplate for the Labour Department Board of Trade depicting a sailing boat

RIBA36448Design for carvings on a war memorial (World War One): sketched elevation showing a sinking steamship in the background with a lifeboat (or fishing boat) full of people attempting to rescue further survivors from the sea

RIBA36595Design for a new colonnade and park for Sutton-on-Sea seafront promenade, Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire: perspective views

RIBA36800Design for a riverside sports club: elevation and section of river front

RIBA38026Decorative carving of sea creature on a gondola, Venice

RIBA38059Decorative features of "Signor Beistegui's" gondola, Venice

RIBA76295Desborough Sailing Club, Shepperton

RIBA77479Decoration on a barge, seen at Sunderland

RIBA84547Design for the barge commissioned by Frederick, Prince of Wales: details of the poop with the Garter badge and details of the state cabin showing one bay in elevation

RIBA84548Design for the barge commissioned by Frederick, Prince of Wales: plan and side elevation of the barge with detail of the oarsman's costume and sketch of a triton

RIBA94823Design for Lambeth Bridge, London: perspective of the first design


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