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RIBA13327Design for an automobile instrument panel for Cooper-Steward Engineering Company Limited

RIBA20032Design for the New Victoria Theatre: Vauxhall Bridge Road facade, London

RIBA22037Design for Bryanston Court, Upper George Street / Seymour Place, Marylebone, London, for the Prudential Assurance Company Limited: elevation

RIBA22043Design for the Garrick Theatre, Lord Street, Southport, Lancashire

RIBA31215Design for the National Motor Museum complex, Beaulieu, Hampshire: perspective view

RIBA31216Design for the National Motor Museum complex, Beaulieu, Hampshire: sketched aerial perspective of the site showing the museum buildings, monorail, Palace House and ruins of Beaulieu Abbey

RIBA31266Design for Park Lorne, 111 Park Road, Westminster, London: perspective view with penthouse added

RIBA31293Design for Selfridges department store, Oxford Street, London, for H. Gordon Selfridge: perspective view of the Orchard Street and Oxford Street facades

RIBA32637Design for business premises on Duke Street, St James's, London: perspective view

RIBA35856Design for an unidentified office building

RIBA35862Design for a house, Keston Mark, Farnborough, near Bromley, London: perspective view

RIBA35867Design for a hotel: perspective view

RIBA35870Design for office buildings at 62-64 Queens Street, Westminster, London: perspective view

RIBA35874Design for Bourne & Hollingsworth department store, Oxford Street, London: perspective view

RIBA35876Design for Peninsular House, Monument Street, City of London: perspective view

RIBA35881Design for an office building: perspective view

RIBA35885Design for an unidentified building: perspective view

RIBA35891Design for Lilongwe Hospital: perspective view

RIBA36248Design for the Odeon cinema, Leicester Square, London: perspective view

RIBA36362Design for Gestetner House, 210 Euston Road, London, for Gestetner Ltd.: perspective view

RIBA36407Designs for a 'Peace on the Heath' scheme proposing a system of underground roads and a village beneath Hampstead Heath, London: plans and perspectives illustrating entrances to road tunnels

RIBA36436Design for an unidentified block of flats: elevation

RIBA36551Design for Gull Rock on the Carlyon Bay Estate, Cornwall, for Staverton Builders Ltd.: elevations, section and plans

RIBA125258Design, as executed, for Shiraz Airport, Shiraz


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