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RIBA11962Crenellated wall of a demolished house with late-medieval arches and niche, Ceres, Fife

RIBA12874Design for a Scottish mansion in the castle style

RIBA17768Cyfarthfa Castle, Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan

RIBA19681Design for a gatehouse

RIBA21244Design for alterations to Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, for the 4th Duke of Northumberland: perspective sketches of the interior courtyard in 1856 and 1846

RIBA21515Competition designs for improvements to Windsor Castle: view of the east and south sides showing a scheme for gateway and bridge leading to remodelled York Tower and to Lancaster Tower

RIBA21516Competition designs for improvements to Windsor Castle: perspective of a massive, towered gatehouse at right-angles to the Henry VIII gateway

RIBA21517Competition designs for improvements to Windsor Castle: elevation of scheme for improvements to the Upper Ward on the east side of the quadrangle

RIBA21518Competition designs for improvements to Windsor Castle: perspective sketch of north-east angle showing proposed east terrace

RIBA21519Competition designs for improvements to Windsor Castle: perspective of gatehouse, bridge and entrance gateway from the south-east

RIBA21520Competition designs for improvements to Windsor Castle: perspectives of the interior of the quadrangle looking south-east

RIBA21989Design for a house in the Castle style

RIBA21990Design for a house in the Castle style

RIBA29262Design for a castellated house with pedimented windows

RIBA37376Design for a hunting lodge in the castle style: the main front

RIBA65126Design for a country house in castellated style: sketch elevation showing the octagonal tower on the side facade

RIBA65201Design for a house at Niddry, West Lothian: the entrance front

RIBA65494Design for a parsonage in Oundle, Northamptonshire: the east and north elevations

RIBA66821Competition design for Downing College, Cambridge: elevation for preliminary design for part of the east and west blocks

RIBA67538Design for a country house in Gothick style, probably for General Hope

RIBA80916Design for a lodge at Towneley Hall, Burnley, Lancashire, for Charles Townley

RIBA82111Design for a bridge-lodge in castle style, Blackadder House, Berwickshire: elevation

RIBA82112Design for a garden layout by the water with a Gothic wall, Blackadder House, Berwickshire: plan of garden and elevation of wall

RIBA85148Culdees Castle, Muthill, Perthshire: perspective of the entrance front


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