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RIBA16178Horizontal bands in the Greek style

RIBA16474Marble decorations from mosques in Cairo

RIBA16476Marble decorations from mosques in Cairo

RIBA16477Marble floor of a fountain vestibule in Cairo

RIBA16481Marble fragments from a Greek monastery in Alexandria

RIBA20673Sketch of a decorative border

RIBA20879Railway station, Florence: view of a platform

RIBA22669Palazzo Massimi alle Colonne, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Rome: detail of the hall frieze and ceiling

RIBA23782RMS Orion: detail of etched glass mirror by Lynton Lamb in the first-class drawing room

RIBA36277Preface page to G. Leoni's translated edition of Andrea Palladio's Four Books of Architecture

RIBA36572Interior decoration scheme for 162 West Hill, Putney, London: perspective view of a living room featuring Chinese style decorative motifs

RIBA38363Plan of a Roman mosaic pavement discovered at Stunsfeild (Stonesfield), near Woodstock, Oxfordshire

RIBA56254Lloyd's Register of Shipping, 71 Fenchurch Street, City of London: close-up of the painted ceiling of the library

RIBA71865Senate House, University of London, Malet Street, Bloomsbury, London: detail of an air vent in the small hall

RIBA72977Sports Pavilion for Prudential Assurance, Dukes Meadows, Chiswick, London: the bar

RIBA81492Melchet Court, near Romsey, Hampshire: a bedroom with a four poster bed

RIBA91006La Maison Francaise, 610 Fifth Avenue, Rockefeller Centre, New York: entrance with bas relief of 'The Sower' by Lee Lawrie

RIBA93610Greek ornament no. 4: patterns from Greek and Etruscan vases in the British Museum and Louvre Museum

RIBA93615Pompeian ornament no. 1: decorative borders from houses in Pompeii

RIBA93616Pompeian ornament no. 2: painted decoration of pilasters and friezes from various houses in Pompeii

RIBA94087Studies of mosaic patterns

RIBA94094Sketch of church stall with studies of an orchid head and desgins incorporating a stylised interpretation of the flower

RIBA94095Sketches of carved decoration incorporating a variety of human and animal forms

RIBA111125Palais Garnier (Opera de Paris), Place de l'Opera, Paris: detail of the ceiling decoration in the loggia


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