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RIBA10222Design for an accumulator tower, Victoria Docks, London

RIBA17354Devonport Naval Dockyard, originally known as Plymouth Dock: painted figurehead of King William IV (1833) beside Number 1 Boat Slip

RIBA17493Devonport Naval Dockyard, originally known as Plymouth Dock: Number 4 Store, Marine Yard

RIBA17541Dock buoys, Albert Dock, Liverpool

RIBA18646Custom House, Liverpool, seen from Traffords Wyent

RIBA20724Design for an ocean terminal complex, Karachi

RIBA47697Dock officials' housing, Pier Head, London Docks, Wapping, London

RIBA50699Dock drawbridge over the canal at Harlingen

RIBA59219Derelict warehouses

RIBA59220Derelict warehouses

RIBA59221Derelict warehouses

RIBA59222Derelict warehouses

RIBA59223Derelict warehouses

RIBA59224Derelict warehouses

RIBA59225Derelict warehouses: close-up of rafters

RIBA59226Derelict warehouses: staircase

RIBA59227Derelict warehouse

RIBA59228Derelict warehouses

RIBA62250Container waiting to be loaded, Liverpool

RIBA62260Crane and railway lines in the docks, Liverpool

RIBA62270Coburg Dock canteen building, Liverpool

RIBA62589Crates discarded at Albert Dock, Liverpool

RIBA99718Design for a Stone Bridge, to admit Shipping to pass under its centre Arch, with Views of the Proposed Embankments and Fire Proof Warehouses above them

RIBA117049Dereliict warehouses, London Docks


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