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RIBA93570Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys Parish, Ireland Island: the storehouse clocktower

RIBA93569Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys Parish, Ireland Island: the storehouses

RIBA89253Royal Naval Museum, Portsmouth

RIBA89254Royal Naval Museum, Portsmouth

RIBA89255Royal Naval Museum, Portsmouth: detail of roof construction

RIBA5085Sheerness Naval Dockyard, Kent: close-up of the chain-testing house

RIBA17340Sheerness Naval Dockyard, Kent: smithery extension with cast-iron frame

RIBA5084Sheerness Naval Dockyard, Kent: the Quadrangle and warehouses from the dockside

RIBA17528Sheerness Naval Dockyard, Kent: The Quadrangle and warehouses seen from the dockside



RIBA2523-9Ship-building yard on the Clyde

RIBA49333Shipbuilding yard, Brooke Marine, Lowestoft, Suffolk

RIBA10524Shipyard on the Clyde: a ship's hull under construction

RIBA10491Shipyard on the Clyde: detail of a ship's hull under construction

RIBA17507Stacks of tiles, Portsmouth Naval Dockyard, Hampshire

RIBA29428View of an industrial dockside building possibly in London

RIBA29441View of dockyard buildings

RIBA29429View of dockyard buildings, London

RIBA47258View of old Portsmouth, Hampshire, with the dockyard in the background

RIBA77343Visitors Centre, Portsmouth Naval Dockyard

RIBA77344Visitors Centre, Portsmouth Naval Dockyard

RIBA77345Visitors Centre, Portsmouth Naval Dockyard

RIBA77348Visitors Centre, Portsmouth Naval Dockyard


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