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RIBA4069Design for a wallpaper frieze entitled 'Seagull'

RIBA4083Design for a wallpaper frieze entitled 'Shallop' showing shallops (boats), birds and islands

RIBA13122Design for 'The Grape Stripe'

RIBA20226Design for Birmingham University: stone frieze for the front entrance of the Aston Webb Building, featuring carved depictions of historical figures from the worlds of the arts and sciences

RIBA20279Design for an ornate fireplace with a relief panel depicting a classical subject for Durdans, Epsom

RIBA20482Design for a neoclassical facade or portico incorporating arches, columns and a decorative frieze: elevation and plans

RIBA20795Design for a pavilion or small house

RIBA21099Design for St George's Hall, Liverpool: principal elevation and perspective

RIBA21201Design for a plasterwork frieze or painted mural design

RIBA21503Design for the entrance facade of Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, London

RIBA21506Design for the Carlton Club, Pall Mall, London: perspective view of the facade

RIBA22470Design for a pavilion or small house

RIBA22737Design for a triumphal arch, Temple Bar, London: elevation of the 'Arch of Constantine' project featuring sculpted panels and statues

RIBA22860Design for part of a proscenium frieze

RIBA22876Design for part of a proscenium frieze: frontal view of the cartouche

RIBA29712Design for interior wall decoration and windows for Dromore Castle, County Limerick

RIBA30708Design for a sculpture gallery above an open colonnade

RIBA35751Design for alterations to the Bank of Scotland, St Andrew's Square, Edinburgh: proposed perspective view of the interior

RIBA36471Design for a moulded frieze for a coved ceiling featuring cherub motifs, garlands, sphinxes and a central roundel incorporating a profile portrait

RIBA36755Design for decorative relief panels for the South Kensington Museum (Victoria and Albert Museum), South Kensington, London: elevation of a pilaster featuring two putti holding shields, one bearing the letters 'V.R.'

RIBA36757Design for decorative relief panels for the South Kensington Museum (Victoria and Albert Museum), South Kensington, London: sketched elevation incorporating a crouching figure motif

RIBA65392Design for a public building: elevation

RIBA94720Design for the interior decoration of 11 Queen's Gardens, Brighton: elevation of a wall, giving two alternative designs for the drawing room

RIBA95882Design for Lord Ossory and Lord Palmerston's skittle ground: plan and details of skittles; with details of a frieze and bracket


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