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RIBA20153Designs for 8 Addison Road, Kensington, London, for Ernest Debenham: plans, elevations and sections

RIBA21151Design for semi-detatched houses

RIBA21445Design for Overshot, Hinksey Hill, Oxford, for Sir Ellis K. Waterhouse

RIBA21724Design for an Isotype dwelling: perspective view of the house, garage and driveway

RIBA29753Designs for a stables and a garage at a house Stowell Hill, Templecombe, Somerset, for Mrs McCreery

RIBA29956Design for the Economist Building, 25 St James's Street, London: plan showing the basement garage

RIBA29957Design for the Economist Building, 25 St James's Street, London: plan of the Boodle's Club service rooms, stores and ladies' cloakrooms in the residential block, Economist Tower dining rooms and the basement garage of the bank building

RIBA29962Design for the Economist Building, 25 St James's Street, London: revised plan of the Economist Tower block basement garage

RIBA29969Design for the Economist Building, 25 St James's Street, London: revised general section

RIBA31035Design for a house, Castellar: plan incorporating a garage and atelier

RIBA31295Design for a house at Upper Warlington, Surrey: perspective view of the house, garden and garage

RIBA31958Design for alterations and additions to 115 Blackheath Park, Greenwich, London, for the builder Leslie Bilsby: annotated plans with elevations and perspectives showing a garage

RIBA35797Design for a house with built-in garage: perspective, plans, section and elevations

RIBA35862Design for a house, Keston Mark, Farnborough, near Bromley, London: perspective view

RIBA35906Design for a house at Warren Shore, Beaulieu, Hampshire, for Lord Montague: plans, and elevations

RIBA36507Design for a house as executed, Ember Court Road, Thames Ditton, Surrey: elevations to the road and the garden

RIBA36551Design for Gull Rock on the Carlyon Bay Estate, Cornwall, for Staverton Builders Ltd.: elevations, section and plans

RIBA36553Design for semi-detatched houses and a garage, Park Road, Banbury, Oxfordshire, for J.A. Gillett: elevations and plans

RIBA36644Design for a nursery school (scheme 1): elevations, plans and section of the school, supervisor's flat and a garage

RIBA94208Design for Ty-Bronna, St Fagan's Road, Fairwater, Cardiff, for Hastings Watson: plan, elevations and section of the stable block (design II)

RIBA94761Designs for Cropthorne Court, Maida Vale, London: elevation of proposed garage

RIBA111178Design for a garage

RIBA112013Dammerstock housing estate, Karlsruhe: row of garages

RIBA125716Design for Glanfield Lawrence car showroom and garage, North Circular Road, Finchley, London: perspective


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