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RIBA4917Brandenburg Gate and the Quadriga, Berlin

RIBA5614Bury St Edmunds Abbey, Suffolk

RIBA11800Bishop's Gate, Londonderry

RIBA13601Brandenburg Gate and the Quadriga, Berlin: view from the Pariser Platz

RIBA16513Caerlaverock Castle, Dumfries: the entrance gateway

RIBA16720Burlington House, Piccadilly, London: Learned Societies ranges and entrance archway

RIBA21896Bishop's Palace, Wells, Somerset: perspective view of the gatehouse, drawbridge and moat

RIBA41476Caernarfon Castle: details of a window, doorway, entrance gateway and passage

RIBA45283Brandenburg Gate, Berlin: detail of column and architrave

RIBA45284Brandenburg Gate and the Quadriga, Berlin: detail of columns

RIBA45285Brandenburg Gate and the Quadriga, Berlin: the Quadriga

RIBA48950Broughton Castle, Oxfordshire: the gatehouse and fragments of embattled walls enclosing the entrance courtyard

RIBA49023Bungay Castle, Suffolk: one of the gatehouse towers with St Mary in the background

RIBA49025Butley Priory, Suffolk: the gatehouse

RIBA58933Bishopthorpe Palace, York: the gatehouse

RIBA59138British Library, 96 Euston Road, St Pancras, London: the entrance gate to the forecourt

RIBA60850Bruckenthurme, Alte Brucke over the River Neckar, Altstadt, Heidelberg

RIBA60874Burgtor, Grosse Burgstrasse, Lubeck

RIBA72007Berkeley Arms Hotel, Cranford, Middlesex: the entrance gates

RIBA77711Canterbury Gate, Christ Church, Oxford, seen from Merton Street

RIBA80732Bluecoat Chambers, School Lane, Liverpool: the main entrance

RIBA80733Bluecoat Chambers, School Lane, Liverpool: the main entrance

RIBA80734Bluecoat Chambers, School Lane, Liverpool: the main entrance

RIBA112502Burlington House, Piccadilly, London


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