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10 Blackheath Park, London: view towards the dining roomRIBA74063

10 Bolton Gardens, London: painting above the fireplaceRIBA8374

10 Bolton Gardens, London: painting above the fireplaceRIBA8375

10 Collingham Gardens, Kensington, LondonRIBA102271

10 Seymour Place, Marylebone, LondonRIBA14255

10 St Mary's Hill, StamfordRIBA14977

103-115 Rushby Mead, Letchworth Garden CityRIBA9863

104 Gower Street, Bloomsbury, LondonRIBA14508

11 & 12 Collingham Gardens, Kensington, LondonRIBA102272

11 Manor Way, Blackheath, London: the entrance frontRIBA55876

11 Manor Way, Blackheath, London: the garden elevationRIBA50179

11 Manor Way, Blackheath, London: the living roomRIBA50100

11 Priory Row, CoventryRIBA47388

11 Sebastian Street, Islington, LondonRIBA55766

11 Sheldon Avenue, Hampstead, LondonRIBA11347

11 Sheldon Avenue, Hampstead, LondonRIBA75379

11 Sheldon Avenue, Hampstead, LondonRIBA75380

11 Sheldon Avenue, Hampstead, London: the dining room and living roomRIBA75381

11 The Close, Salisbury: detail of doorcaseRIBA77761

110-120 Pixmore Way, Letchworth Garden CityRIBA9849

11-15 Collingham Gardens, Kensington, LondonRIBA10899

11-27 Cowley Road, Lambeth, LondonRIBA10632

11a Morden Road Mews, Blackheath, LondonRIBA50177

12 Chiswick Mall, London: the entrance doorwayRIBA72550


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