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RIBA14179RMS Orion: the first-class cafe with decorative seascape by Tristram Hillier

RIBA14180RMS Orion: private day cabin

RIBA14181RMS Orion: the main staircase

RIBA14182RMS Orion: the entrance to the first-class dining saloon

RIBA14185RMS Orion: the first-class library with carpet designed by Marion Dorn

RIBA14186RMS Orion: the nursery with a large model of the Orion

RIBA14187RMS Orion: the first-class library

RIBA14188RMS Orion: the gallery

RIBA14189RMS Orion: special cabin

RIBA14190RMS Orion: the shop with inlaid floor decoration by Ceri Richards

RIBA14192RMS Orion: the first-class lounge

RIBA14193RMS Orion: the after gallery opening onto the ballroom

RIBA17072RMS Orion: sea horse light fitting in the first class dining salon

RIBA17073RMS Orion: round mirror with clock

RIBA17074RMS Orion: the gallery

RIBA17075RMS Orion: mirror in the first class dining salon

RIBA23778RMS Orion: the main staircase

RIBA23779RMS Orion: the main staircase viewed from the top of the stair well

RIBA23782RMS Orion: detail of etched glass mirror by Lynton Lamb in the first-class drawing room

RIBA23783RMS Orion: the nursery with a large model of the Orion

RIBA72638RMS Orion: the first class dining salon

RIBA72640RMS Orion: the games deck

RIBA72643RMS Orion: the captain's deck

RIBA72644RMS Orion: the main staircase


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