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RIBA2869-24Dell Restaurant, Hyde Park, London

RIBA2874-25Dell Restaurant, Hyde Park, London

RIBA4137Crystal Palace and its grounds at Sydenham, London

RIBA5183Dell Restaurant, Hyde Park, London

RIBA16754Croome Court, Worcestershire

RIBA19687Design for a park lodge and gates

RIBA20819Design for a proposed bridge in the castle style for a roadway over the Long Walk, Windsor Great Park, Windsor

RIBA30594Design for a lakeside temple boathouse at Awbridge Danes Water, Awbridge, near Romsey, Hampshire: perspective view

RIBA31357Design for an obelisk monument commemorating the 18th birthday of Princess Alexandrina Victoria of Kent (later Queen Victoria), Victoria Park, Bath

RIBA34576Design for a fountain in the proposed gardens incorporating parts of St James's Park and Green Park to the east of Buckingham Palace, London: sculptural figures include St George and the dragon, Father Thames, Fame and Victory

RIBA35042Design for Belton House, Lincolnshire: plan of the gardens and plantations

RIBA35044Design for Blenheim Park, Woodstock, Oxfordshire: plan of the park, gardens and plantation

RIBA35045Design for Boughton House, Northamptonshire: plan of the gardens and plantations

RIBA36599Design for a park, Golders Hill, London: perspective views showing water features, paved areas and terraces

RIBA37092Design for a bridge at The Hoo, Hertfordshire: elevation with each half of the bridge showing an alternative design

RIBA46153Concert platform, Crystal Palace Park, Sydenham, London

RIBA68916Crystal Palace, Hyde Park, London: view across the Serpentine

RIBA68917Crystal Palace, Hyde Park, London: view across the Serpentine

RIBA68918Crystal Palace, Hyde Park, London: view from the bridge

RIBA68919Crystal Palace, Hyde Park, London, see from the north-west

RIBA68920Crystal Palace, Hyde Park, London: view across the Serpentine in winter

RIBA94392Coombe Conduit, Coombe Lane, Kingston-upon-Thames, London

RIBA96363Deepdene, Dorking, Surrey: view of a corner of the house, possibly the Temple attached to the north-west corner of the Amphitheatre of the Arts

RIBA99117Design for a memorial fountain in Locke Park, Barnsley, South Yorkshire: plan and elevation


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