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RIBA9635Clandon Park, West Clandon, Surrey: the entrance front

RIBA25742Cirencester Park, Gloucestershire: Pope's Seat

RIBA25903Clerical Medical & General Life Assurance Society, 15 St James's Square, London

RIBA26548Chiswick House, London: the entrance front dominated by a portico with six evenly spaced Corinthian columns

RIBA40783Church of San Vidal, Venice

RIBA41361Church of San Marcuola, Grand Canal, Venice: the unfinished facade overlooking the Grand Canal

RIBA48126Clarendon Building, Broad Street, Oxford: pedimented side facade

RIBA50614Church, Tuscania, Lazio

RIBA50769Clarendon Building, Broad Street, Oxford: framed view of the courtyard facade from the gated entrance to the Bodleian Library

RIBA55063City Guide machine in the precinct of the west front of St Paul's Cathedral, City of London

RIBA60810Church of St Etienne du Mont, Montagne St Genevieve, Paris: the fretted stone jube (gallery)

RIBA71895Clarendon Building, Broad Street, Oxford

RIBA83053Competition design for King Edward VI Grammar School, Birmingham: elevation and plan

RIBA85382Church of San Benedetto, Venice: front elevation

RIBA85440Church of San Lorenzo (?), Treviso (?): front elevation with plan

RIBA85480Church of Santa Croce di Luprio, Venice: front elevation with plan

RIBA85574Church of San Pietro di Castello, Venice: front elevation

RIBA85575Church of San Pietro di Castello, Venice: front elevation

RIBA85608Church of San Trovaso (Santi Gervasio e Protasio), Venice: front elevation of west end (facing the campo)

RIBA85837Church of San Nicolo di Castello: elevation of doorway

RIBA89761Church of the Gesu (Santissimo Nome di Gesu), Piazza del Gesu, Rome

RIBA89924Church of San Francesca Romana (Santa Maria Nuova), via dei Fori Imperali, Rome

RIBA91439Chiesa di Santa Lucia alla Badia, Syracuse, Sicily: detail of carved pediment on the facade

RIBA113636Church of San Francesca Romana (Santa Maria Nuova), via dei Fori Imperali, Rome, with the Colosseum behind


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