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RIBA36153Montage of photographs demonstrating how poor sanitation, diet, living and working conditions cause ill health: images include slum dwellings, an outside toilet, factories, classrooms, unemployed men and two children - one healthy the other undernourished

RIBA64148Old people's housing, Cheviot Road, Lambeth, London: concrete rainwater spouts and drainage

RIBA64136Old people's housing, Commonwealth Avenue, White City, London: rainwater spout from a roof terrace

RIBA62167Outdoor toilet at an infants' school

RIBA87164P. J. Carroll cigarette factory and offices, Dundalk, County Louth: detail of the pipework in the roof space

RIBA12432Plan for alterations and additions to the sewerage and drainage works of the Tower of London

RIBA104310Portsmouth Polytechnic Library, Hampshire: detail of the pipework

RIBA52179Rainwater head dated 1922 and designed for the Hospital for Women, London

RIBA63774Residential block, Chichester Theological College: facade detail showing a modern lancet window and concrete rainwater spout

RIBA21618Section through a water cistern at the Capuchin Convent of Pozzuolo (Pozzuoli)

RIBA21617Section through a well for filtering rainwater, Venice

RIBA71847Senate House, University of London, Malet Street, Bloomsbury, London: detail of a rainwater head

RIBA46849Shrub's Wood, Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire: a bathroom

RIBA20603Sketch for an exhibition panel illustrating the problems and solutions connected with designing for the elderly: here a couple are shown unable to operate a complicated boiler over their bath

RIBA21872Somerhill, Tonbridge, Kent: study of two rain-heads with attached downpipes

RIBA22798Somerset House, Strand, London: design for a cistern house and a gateway (possibly a water gate) set in a rusticated wall

RIBA54308Spa Green Estate, Rosebery Avenue, Finsbury, London: a typical bathroom and toilet

RIBA6904St Mary and St David, Kilpeck, Herefordshire: corbels depicting a a 'Sheela na gig' and a cat on the west end of the south apse

RIBA53124Stephen Lawrence Centre, 39 Brookmill Road, Lewisham, London

RIBA37764Survey drawings of Hampton Court Palace, Richmond upon Thames, London: outline plan of the south and east ranges (the Wren block) showing flues and drains

RIBA52598Swanley Hall, Wye College, Kent: wash-basins in one of the larger bathrooms

RIBA92783Unexecuted designs for a house, Ibstone, Buckinghamshire, for Paul and Marjorie Abbatt: heating and hot water plans

RIBA60150War Memorial Building, Harrow School, London: the lavatories

RIBA38645Water hydrant, St James's Park, London


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