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RIBA3577-66Post office and Eigen Haard housing, Zaanstraat, Amsterdam

RIBA3597-68Post office and Eigen Haard housing, Zaanstraat, Amsterdam

RIBA7592General Post Office, Wolverhampton

RIBA7593General Post Office, Westgate Street, Cardiff

RIBA7595General Post Office, Victoria Street, Liverpool

RIBA7596General Post Office, West Sunniside, Sunderland

RIBA7612General Post Office, Sydney

RIBA10785Holyrood Post Office, Edinburgh

RIBA25785King Edward's Building, General Post Office East, St Martin's le Grand and King Edward Street, City of London: the main hall

RIBA30919Palazzo delle Poste, via Marmorata, Rome

RIBA34953Piazza della Vittoria with the General Post Office in the centre, Brescia

RIBA40257Palazzo delle Poste, via Marmorata, Rome

RIBA52952Post Office in South Molton Street, Mayfair, London: detail of street sign by night

RIBA52953Post Office in South Molton Street, Mayfair, London: detail of elevation by night

RIBA52992Post Office, 55 Knightsbridge, London, by night

RIBA53091Post office, Bath

RIBA53092Post office and telephone exchange, Leigh-on-Sea

RIBA53095National Gold Medal post office design

RIBA69399Model for Post Office Headquarters redevelopment, St Martin's-le-Grand, City of London

RIBA72144Office building and post office, 82-84 Theobalds Road, London

RIBA72591Post Office, Bexleyheath, London: the counters treated with Sapele mahogany on a plywood backing

RIBA72677Post Office and telephone exchange, Brighton: one of the bays of the general sorting office

RIBA74482General Post Office, Stuttgart: the entrance

RIBA81073Pages from Moderne Architektur by Otto Wagner: Die Konstruction, illustrating the Postparkasse (Postal Savings Bank)


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