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RIBA4988Paisley fabric

RIBA6378Printed cretonne

RIBA13121Sketch for a textile design for Alexander Morton

RIBA14174RMS Orcades II: the first-class lounge with mural by John Armstrong and carpet and fabrics by Marion Dorn

RIBA14536Selecting fabrics at Heal's, Tottenham Court Road, London

RIBA16420Printed cretonne manufactured by William Foxton

RIBA16421Printed fabric manufactured by William Foxton

RIBA16422Printed fabric manufactured by William Foxton

RIBA18990Pattern for fabric or velvet

RIBA18991Pattern for fabric or velvet

RIBA24411Sanderson House, Berners Street, London, by night: close-up of the showroom window displaying Sanderson fabrics and wallpapers

RIBA24414Sanderson House, Berners Street, London: the double-height showroom displaying Sanderson fabrics and wallpapers

RIBA24415Sanderson House, Berners Street, London: an alternative display of Sanderson fabrics

RIBA25480Sala dei Parati Piemontesi, Palazzo del Quirinale, Rome

RIBA30219Personal items previously belonging to C.F.A. Voysey: a napkin embroidered with the architect's name, a heart-shaped napkin ring, brass name plate and a letter opener

RIBA34939Selecting fabrics at Heal's, Tottenham Court Road, London

RIBA47076Parkleys, Ham Common, Richmond upon Thames, London: a bedroom in a flat

RIBA48633St Oswald's, Tile Hill, Coventry: the nave looking towards the altar adorned by a textile with the figures of St Aidan and St Oswald by Gerald Holtom

RIBA52956SS Oriana: a female officier's cabin

RIBA55140Power and Production Pavilion, Festival of Britain, South Bank, London

RIBA55225Selecting fabrics at Heal's, Tottenham Court Road, London

RIBA63472Queen Victoria's Royal Train: the ladies-in-waiting saloon with upholstery in gold silk

RIBA72131Sir Kenneth Clark's house, 30 Portland Place, London: the sitting room

RIBA78703Royal County Hotel, Old Elvet, Durham: the public bar


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