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RIBA11873Croft in Balallan, Lewis, Outer Hebrides

RIBA18377Crofter's cottage, Carbost, Isle of Skye

RIBA15864Cula Greceanu, Maldaresti

RIBA9208Dairy, Blaise Hamlet, Henbury

RIBA53276Dartington Hall, Dartington, Devon: Gardens Office

RIBA53275Dartington Hall, Dartington, Devon: Gardens Summer House

RIBA29483Design for a cottage at Blaise Hamlet, Henbury: perspective view

RIBA35575Design for a cottage at Tamerton Foliot, Plymouth, for M.S. Grigg: elevations of the lawn and entrance fronts with plans of the ground and first floors

RIBA31991Design for a cottage, Acton Reynald, Shropshire: perspective view of the cottage and garden, with a haystack seen to the right

RIBA37796Design for a double cottage on the left and for American cottages on the right: elevations and plans

RIBA37795Design for a fishing lodge with a cottager's or keeper's house: elevation and plan

RIBA19666Design for a forester's cottage or house for a small family

RIBA19667Design for a gamekeeper's cottage or house for a small family

RIBA36732Design for a garden for Court House, Ham Manor, Angmering, West Sussex, for Sir Albert Clavering: perspective view of the house and gardens

RIBA36298Design for a house near Ware, Hertfordshire: persepective view with plan

RIBA37798Design for a lodge or cottage: elevation and plans

RIBA17689Design for a temporary country church

RIBA31443Design for a thatched cottage: perspective, plans, sections and elevations

RIBA98545Design for a thatched lodge, Fonthill Estate, Fonthill Gifford, Wiltshire, for Alfred Morrison: elevation to the street

RIBA37801Design for a wood pile house: section, elevation and plan

RIBA37370Design for an entrance lodge to Culford Hall, Suffolk: elevations and plan

RIBA37371Design for an entrance lodge to Culford Hall, Suffolk: elevations and plan

RIBA37374Design for an estate cottage: elevations and plan

RIBA20042Design for Craft Cottage, Paston, Norfolk, for Miss Alice Durrell: elevation and plan


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