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RIBA75205 Collingham Gardens, Kensington, London: the main staircase

RIBA779850-62 Regent Street, London

RIBA1092952 and 50 Cadogan Square, Knightsbridge, London

RIBA4235559 Lower Road, Port Sunlight

RIBA108056 Charlotte Square, New Town, Edinburgh

RIBA779964-78 Regent Street, London

RIBA108208 Queen Street, New Town, Edinburgh: close-up of the facade

RIBA780080-90 Regent Street, London

RIBA777183-97a Regent Street, London

RIBA780190b-104 Regent Street, London

RIBA98649-27 Birds Hill, Letchworth Garden City

RIBA777297b-107 Regent Street, London

RIBA40877A building defaced by graffiti, Brasilia

RIBA25616A corner shop with nearby pedestrian crossing, Pompeii

RIBA10004Adelphi Terrace, London: the south front

RIBA23361Adeyfield school, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

RIBA34051Aerial view of a large complex of official buildings, New Delhi

RIBA34050Aerial view of a main thoroughfare and surrounding roads with Council House and Secretariat in the background, New Delhi

RIBA36090Aerial view of a site in Shoreditch, London, requiring reconstruction due to heavy bombing during World War II and the proliferation of overcrowded slum areas

RIBA34049Aerial view of an intersection of six roads featuring a large roundabout, New Delhi

RIBA30963Aerial view of Finsbury Square with locations of planned office blocks, London

RIBA36081Aerial view of Hambledon, near Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, with overlaid text outlining the advantages of living in a village environment

RIBA34052Aerial view of housing including a single storey dwelling, New Delhi

RIBA47907Aerial view of Pimlico, London


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