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RIBA113527Steetley Pier, Hartlepool

RIBA113528Leeds City Museum in the foreground with the Electric Press behind

RIBA113529Civic Hall, Calverly Street, Leeds

RIBA113530St Paul's House with Leeds Town Hall in the background, St Paul's Street, Leeds

RIBA113531Caiaffa Building, viale de Pietro, Lecce

RIBA113532Uffici Giudiziari Procura Della Repubblica, via Michele de Pietro, Lecce

RIBA113533Ludwig Erhard House (Berlin Stock Exchange), Berlin

RIBA113534Titania Palast, Gutsmuthsstrasse 27/28, Berlin, at night

RIBA113535Free University of Berlin: the Philological Library

RIBA113536Residential building, Lutzowplatz, Tiergarten, Berlin

RIBA113537Residential building, Lutzowplatz, Tiergarten, Berlin

RIBA113539Asta building, Free University of Berlin, Otto von Simson Strasse 13, Dahlem, Berlin

RIBA113540Silberlaube building, Free University of Berlin

RIBA113541Kirche Zum Guten Hirten, Church of the Good Shepherd, Friedenau, Berlin

RIBA113542Kathreiner House, Potsdamer Strasse 186, Berlin

RIBA113543Apartment building, Woga complex, Cicerostrasse, Berlin

RIBA113544Office building, Berlin

RIBA113545Mexican Embassy, Tiergarten, Berlin

RIBA113546Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Tiergarten, Berlin

RIBA113547Austrian Embassy, Tiergarten, Berlin

RIBA113548Friedrichstadt housing block, Kreuzberg, Berlin

RIBA113549Kammermusiksaal (chamber music hall), Berlin

RIBA113550St Matthaus Church, Tiergarten, Berlin

RIBA113551Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin


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