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RIBA113652Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi (Fountain of the Four Rivers), Piazza Navona, Rome

RIBA113653View from the Monument to Vittorio Emanuele (Il Vittoriano), Rome, towards the domes of Santa Maria di Loreto and Santissimo Nome di Maria

RIBA113654Via dell'Impero, Rome, looking towards the Monument to Emanuele Vittoriano (Il Vittoriano)

RIBA113655Monument to Emanuele Vittoriano (Il Vittoriano), Rome

RIBA113656Monument to Emanuele Vittoriano (Il Vittoriano), Rome, looking towards the domes of San Andrea, St Peter's and Il Gesu

RIBA113657Fountain in the courtyard in front of the church of Santa Sabina along the via di Santa Sabina, Aventine Hill, Rome

RIBA113658Stadio dei Marmi, Foro Italico, Rome: the athletics track

RIBA113661VKhUTEMAS model: an exercise in frontal composition

RIBA113662VKhUTEMAS model: an exercise in frontal composition

RIBA113663VKhUTEMAS model: an exercise in construction of volumetric form: correlation between mass and space

RIBA113664VKhUTEMAS model: an exercise on the expression of weight, using an exhibition pavilion as an example

RIBA113665Pravda newspaper building, Moscow

RIBA113666Novo-Moskovskaya Hotel, Moscow

RIBA113667Naum Granovsky seen with his plate camera atop a special van in Revolution Square, Moscow, preparing to take a photograph of celebrations for the 800th Anniversary of the foundation of Moscow with the Maly Theatre on the left and the Hotel Metropole behind on the right

RIBA113668View of the timber country houses in the village of Mezakovo

RIBA113732Pantheon, Piazza della Rotunda, Rome

RIBA113736Forum, Rome as before 1880: view from the Temple of Saturn

RIBA113738Forum, Rome as before 1880, looking from the Temple of Castor looking towards Capitoline Hill

RIBA113748Rooftops of Rome seen from the Pincio

RIBA113752Saddlers House, East Village, Stratford, London

RIBA113753Saddlers House, East Village, Stratford, London

RIBA113754Silo D (former grain silo), Royal Docks, West Silvertown, London

RIBA113755Balfron Tower, Rowlett Street, Poplar, London

RIBA113756Balfron Tower, Rowlett Street, Poplar, London


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