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RIBA114398Goshavank (Nor-Getik) Monastery

RIBA114399Goshavank (Nor-Getik) Monastery: detail of vaulting possibly in the gavit or vestry

RIBA114400Haghpat Monastery: the main church

RIBA114401Haghpat Monastery

RIBA114402Haghpat Monastery

RIBA114403Haghpat Monastery: the belltower

RIBA114404Haghpat Monastery: the scriptorium or library

RIBA114405Haghpat Monastery: the refectory

RIBA114406Hovannavank Monastery, Ohanavan

RIBA114407Hovannavank Monastery, Ohanavan: the gavit or vestry

RIBA114408Hovannavank Monastery, Ohanavan: the cathedral

RIBA114409Hovannavank Monastery, Ohanavan

RIBA114410Hovannavank Monastery, Ohanavan: the gavit or vestry

RIBA114411Hovannavank Monastery, Ohanavan: the cathedral dome

RIBA114412Hovannavank Monastery, Ohanavan

RIBA114413Hovannavank Monastery, Ohanavan: looking towards the main facade of the cathedral

RIBA114414Sanahin Monastery: detail of stone carving

RIBA114415Sanahin Monastery: the gavit or vestry

RIBA114416Sanahin Monastery: the gavit or vestry

RIBA114417Sanahin Monastery: the church with the monastery library on the right

RIBA114418Sanahin Monastery

RIBA114419Sanahin Monastery: detail of stone carving

RIBA114420Sanahin Monastery: the chapel of St Gregory

RIBA114421Sanahin Monastery


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