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RIBA114436Benedictine Abbey, Vaals: upper level gallery

RIBA114437Benedictine Abbey, Vaals: the cloisters

RIBA114438Benedictine Abbey, Vaals: the main courtyard

RIBA114439Benedictine Abbey, Vaals: the main hall of the church

RIBA114440Benedictine Abbey, Vaals: the main hall of the church

RIBA114441Benedictine Abbey, Vaals: a room in one of the towers

RIBA114442Benedictine Abbey, Vaals: the main hall of the church looking towards the choir

RIBA114443Benedictine Abbey, Vaals: detail of the seating benches in the choir

RIBA114444Benedictine Abbey, Vaals: looking towards the church tower

RIBA114445Benedictine Abbey, Vaals: the small courtyard with the stairs leading to the upper level

RIBA114446Benedictine Abbey, Vaals: the north elevation showing the roof of the church

RIBA114447Roosenberg Abbey, Waasmunster: the east elevation

RIBA114448Roosenberg Abbey, Waasmunster: the cloister

RIBA114449Roosenberg Abbey, Waasmunster: the west elevation

RIBA114450Roosenberg Abbey, Waasmunster: looking south along the east elevation

RIBA114451Roosenberg Abbey, Waasmunster: the gardens

RIBA114452Roosenberg Abbey, Waasmunster

RIBA114453Roosenberg Abbey, Waasmunster: the library

RIBA114454Roosenbery Abbey, Waasmunster: the church during a service

RIBA114455Roosenberg Abbey, Waasmunster: detail of the monks' seating in the church

RIBA114456Roosenberg Abbey, Waasmunster

RIBA114457Roosenberg Abbey, Waasmunster: looking along the east elevation

RIBA114493Dunelm House, Durham University: the west side of the clubhouse seen from under the Kingsgate footbridge over the River Wear

RIBA114494Newcastle Civic Centre, Newcastle-upon-Tyne


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