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RIBA113878Norwich Cathedral: detail of the nave piers looking towards the north side aisle

RIBA113879Norwich Cathedral: the nave looking towards the Romaneque arches on the north side aisle

RIBA113880Norwich Cathedral: the nave looking east

RIBA113881Norwich Cathedral: looking across the nave towards the north aisle

RIBA113882Norwich Cathedral: the nave looking towards the north aisle

RIBA113883Norwich Cathedral: detail of nave pier with wall monument to Dean Henry Fairfax (d. 1702)

RIBA113884Norwich Cathedral: detail of the Romanesque nave arches and clerestory, showing the springing of the vault

RIBA113885Norwich Cathedral: detail of the groin vault in the ambulatory

RIBA113886Norwich Cathedral: the central crossing

RIBA113887Norwich Cathedral: stained glass windows in the north transept

RIBA113888Norwich Cathedral: looking through one of the nave arches towards one of the transepts showing blind arcading

RIBA113889Norwich Cathedral: detail of Romanesque arch at clerestory level

RIBA113890Norwich Cathedral: looking towards the choir

RIBA113891Norwich Cathedral: looking towards the ambulatory from the nave

RIBA113892Norwich Cathedral: looking towards the pulpit and central crossing

RIBA113893Norwich Cathedral: the ambulatory

RIBA113894Norwich Cathedral: one of the nave arches seen from the presbytery

RIBA113895Norwich Cathedral: the ambulatory

RIBA113896Norwich Cathedral: the ambulatory looking towards one of its chapels

RIBA113897Norwich Cathedral: detail of the stonework on one of the nave piers

RIBA113898Norwich Cathedral: the presbytery with wall monument to Bishop George Horne (1730-1792)

RIBA113899Norwich Cathedral: the east end and altar

RIBA113900Norwich Cathedral: the presbytery and choir east of the central crossing

RIBA113901Norwich Cathedral: looking east towards the altar


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