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RIBA114543Balfron Tower, Rowlett Street, Poplar, London: the base of the tower

RIBA114544Balfron Tower, Rowlett Street, Poplar, London

RIBA114545Balfron Tower, Rowlett Street, Poplar: view from the tower

RIBA114551Fishdance, Kobe

RIBA114552Christian Dior store, Tokyo

RIBA114553Christian Dior store, Tokyo

RIBA114554Terrazza building, Tokyo: the lobby

RIBA114555Terrazza building, Tokyo: the lobby

RIBA114556Terrazza building, Tokyo: the lobby

RIBA114557Terrazza building, Tokyo: the lobby

RIBA114558Terrazza building, Tokyo: the lobby

RIBA11455921_21 Design Sight Museum, Tokyo

RIBA11456021_21 Design Sight Museum, Tokyo

RIBA114561Asahi Beer Hall, Tokyo

RIBA114562Asahi Beer Hall, Tokyo

RIBA114563Asahi Beer Hall, Tokyo

RIBA114564Asahi Beer Hall, Tokyo

RIBA114565Asahi Beer Hall, Tokyo

RIBA114566National Art Centre, Tokyo

RIBA114567National Art Centre, Tokyo

RIBA114568National Art Centre, Tokyo

RIBA114569Nijo Castle, Kyoto: the Ninomaru Palace

RIBA114570Nijo Castle, Kyoto: the Ninomaru Palace

RIBA114571Nijo Castle, Kyoto: the Ninomaru Palace


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