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RIBA2021-33Robie House, Chicago

RIBA2026-25King's College Chapel, Cambridge: the west front

RIBA2031-18Head office for insurance firm Willis Faber and Dumas Limited, Ipswich, Suffolk

RIBA2034-18Commercial Union Tower (Aviva Tower), I Undershaft, City of London, seen from Leadenhall Street

RIBA2089-26Highpoint One, North Hill, Highgate, London: the reinforced concrete cantilevered balconies

RIBA2090-7066 Old Church Street, Chelsea, London: the garden front

RIBA2091-7066 Old Church Street, Chelsea, London: the street front

RIBA2092-16Schocken department store, Chemnitz

RIBA2094-73Brion tomb, San Vito di Altivole, Treviso

RIBA2114-38Reinforced concrete house, 116 Dunchurch Road, Rugby

RIBA2135-16Bauhaus, Dessau: students' hostel

RIBA2149-52Einstein Tower, Potsdam

RIBA2161-16National Congress buildings, Eixo Monumental, Brasilia: the Chamber of Deputies and the Towers of Congress

RIBA2174-16Church of St Nicholas, Burnage, Manchester

RIBA2192-60Schlumberger Research Laboratories, Cambridge

RIBA2243-16Airship hangar, Orly

RIBA2268-73Studio for Augustus John, Fryern Court, Fordingbridge, Hampshire

RIBA135512Brunswick Centre, Bloomsbury, London, with the Curzon Cinema

RIBA135513Brunswick Centre, Bloomsbury, London

RIBA135514Brunswick Centre, Bloomsbury, London

RIBA135515Daimler hire garage, 9 Herbrand Street, Bloomsbury, London

RIBA135516Institute of Education, Bedford Way, Bloomsbury, London

RIBA135517Institute of Education, Bedford Way, Bloomsbury, London

RIBA135518Institute of Education, Bedford Way, Bloomsbury, London


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