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RIBA125925Design for the new entrance to the Fine Arts Society, 148 New Bond Street, London: part-plans of ground and first floors and elevation

RIBA125926Competition designs for the Assize Courts, Bristol (design A): front elevation after a competition drawing of 1866

RIBA125927Competition designs for the Assize Courts, Bristol (design B): front elevation to Small Steet

RIBA125928Competition designs for the Assize Courts, Bristol (design C): front elevation to Small Street

RIBA125929Competition designs for the Assize Courts, Bristol (design C): section

RIBA125930Competition designs for the Assize Courts, Bristol (design C): front elevation

RIBA125931Competition designs for the Assize Courts, Bristol (design C): sketch elevation

RIBA125932Competition design for the Royal Institute of British Architects, 66 Portland Place, London: plans, elevation and section

RIBA125933Design for housing estate of tower blocks: perspective

RIBA125934Preliminary designs for the School of Education (il Magistero), University of Urbino, Urbino: plan of the lecture theatre, studies of the terraces, a circular temple-like structure, a wall with towers and figure studies

RIBA125935View showing house, conservatory and new wing with observatory in parkland setting, Orwell Park, Nacton, near Ipswich, for George Tomline: perspective

RIBA125936Competition design for new police headquarters, Marylebone Road, London, for New Scotland Yard: elevation

RIBA125937Presentation drawing for Westville Road Primary School, Hammersmith, London: perspective

RIBA125938Competition design for the Queen Victoria Memorial, The Mall, Westminster, London: bird's-eye perspective looking from Buckingham Palace down The Mall

RIBA125939Design for 54 & 55 Piccadilly, Westminster, London: perspective

RIBA125940Design for Cranbourne House, Westminster, London: perspective

RIBA125941Three half-elevations of fireplaces (above); elevation of a fireplace with detail of moulding and to the left of it a profile view with a steep chimney cowl

RIBA125942Two half-elevations of fireplaces

RIBA125943Two half-elevations of fireplaces of elaborate design

RIBA125944Two half-elevations of fireplaces

RIBA125945Elevation of an elaborate fireplace with the chimneypiece flanked by standing figures of Justice and Fortitude

RIBA125946An elaborate engraved cartouche, being the engraved title page of a book of cartouches

RIBA125947Plan, possbly for an altar

RIBA125948Landscape scene within a cartouche with shell and fish head


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