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RIBA6590St John's Church, Downshire Hill, Hampstead, London

RIBA6704St Lawrence, Mickleton, Gloucestershire

RIBA6723St Lawrence, Mereworth, Kent

RIBA6763St Laurence, Blackmore, Essex: the 'pagoda' style timber belfry

RIBA6919St Lawrence, Ludlow, Shropshire: the lantern tower seen from the crossing

RIBA6967St Kyneburgha, Castor, Northamptonshire

RIBA6968St Kyneburgha, Castor, Northamptonshire: detail of the upper storey of the Norman west tower and the Gothic broach spire

RIBA7157St Leonard's Church, Charlecote, Warwickshire

RIBA9149St John's, Smith Square, Westminster, London

RIBA10639St John's Wood Church, Lord's Roundabout, London

RIBA11724St Kevin's Kitchen and round tower, Glendalough, County Wicklow

RIBA17679St John, Howsham, North Yorkshire

RIBA18711St Leonard's, Shoreditch, London: the steeple

RIBA21999St John the Baptist's Church, Kingscote, Gloucestershire: design for alterations and additions

RIBA31555St John's Cathedral, Limerick: perspective view

RIBA47858St John's Smith Square, Westminster, London

RIBA48816St John's, Smith Square, Westminster, London: the entrance facing Lord North Street

RIBA48817St John's, Smith Square, Westminster, London, seen from the south-east

RIBA48819St John's, Smith Square, Westminster, London: one of the four corner towers and the colonnaded entrance porch

RIBA48820St John's, Smith Square, Westminster, London: the empty interior showing the extent of the damage caused by the firebombing

RIBA58087St John the Evangelist nearing completion, Bilsdale Midcable, North Yorkshire

RIBA60457St John the Evangelist, Whitwell-on-the-Hill, North Yorkshire

RIBA101600St Leonard's, Shoreditch, London: the steeple seen from below

RIBA101601St Leonard's, Shoreditch, London


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