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RIBA126320Charles Holden's draughtsman's table

RIBA126321Charles Holden's draughtsman's table

RIBA126322Charles Holden's draughtsman's table

RIBA126323Rodney Tatchell's draughtsman's stool

RIBA126324Rodney Tatchell's draughtsman's stool

RIBA126325Rodney Tatchell's draughtsman's stool

RIBA126326Rodney Tatchell's draughtsman's stool

RIBA126327Plan chest

RIBA126328Plan chest

RIBA126329Plan chest: the back

RIBA126330Plan chest: without the drawers

RIBA126331Oak and brass box

RIBA126332Oak and brass box

RIBA126333Oak and brass box

RIBA126334Oak and brass box

RIBA126335Oak and brass box

RIBA126336Oak and brass box

RIBA126337Oak and brass box

RIBA126338Oak and brass box

RIBA126339Solomon Kay & Partners' drafting lamp

RIBA126340Solomon Kay & Partners' drafting lamp

RIBA126341Solomon Kay & Partners' drafting lamp

RIBA126342Fireproof box for the Burlington-Devonshire Collection of drawings

RIBA126343Fireproof box for the Burlington-Devonshire Collection of drawings


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