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RIBA125771Preliminary design for Myholme, convalescent home for children, 170 Merryhill Road, Bushey, for Miss Edith Somers: plans and elevations

RIBA125772Sketch of a Burmese tigress

RIBA125773Sketch of a heron in Richmond

RIBA125774Two sketches of John Dory; one by Donald Gunn and one by Voysey

RIBA125775Two half-elevations for doorways, possibly alternative designs; (right) the porte-cochere of the Hotel d'Almeyras, 30 rue des Francs-Bourgeois, Paris

RIBA125776Half-elevation of the upper part of a door or window with pedimented tablet and a cartouche over

RIBA125777Two half-elevations of entrances: (left) square opening; (right) arched opening bearing arms of France with a ducal coronet in a cartouche

RIBA125778Four half-elevations of doorways

RIBA125779Two half-elevations of doorways

RIBA125780Elaborate small design for a variation on the fleur-de-lis motif

RIBA125781Two putti, winged, with bows and quivers, fighting over a palm frond

RIBA125782Three half-designs for cartouches

RIBA125783Female allegorical figure, robed, standing on a pedestal, holding in her raised left hand a wreath

RIBA125784Half the front elevation of a gateway with the side elevation at the right

RIBA125785Half the front elevation of a gateway with the side elevation at the right

RIBA125786Half-front elevation of a doorway of the Villa Sforza with its side elevation to the right

RIBA125787Top part only of a door on the Campidoglio

RIBA125788Half-elevation of a gateway in a screen

RIBA125789Two half-elevations of an entrance

RIBA125790Four designs apparently for wall panels with, at the bottom, a winged figure with a helmet at his feet

RIBA125791(Left) Half the front elevation of an arched entrance, the entablature supported by a winged herm; side elevation of the same at right; (right) design for an overmantel

RIBA125792Elevation of an entrance doorway or gateway with an entablature supported by winged herms

RIBA125793Elevation of an arched entrance with alternate designs right and left, the cypher P and reversed B in a laurel wreath over the curved pediment common to both designs; to the right, the side elevation of the entablature supported by winged figure with console base

RIBA125794Design for the Economist Building, 25 St James's Street, London: revised plans for the bank building


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