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RIBA24593Wandsworth Town Hall, London: the skylight seen from the top floor landing of the Marble Hall with the walls lined with panels of Algerian onyx

RIBA24594Watford Town Hall: entrance to the Assembly Hall

RIBA24595Watford Town Hall: the entrance hall and staircase

RIBA24596Watford Town Hall: the Council Chamber

RIBA24597Watford Town Hall: a chandelier

RIBA47669Warehouses behind St George's Hall, Lime Street, Liverpool

RIBA73863Watford Town Hall, Hertfordshire

RIBA73864Watford Town Hall, Hertfordshire: the main entrance

RIBA73865Watford Town Hall, Hertfordshire: the refreshment room

RIBA73866Watford Town Hall, Hertfordshire: the assembly hall

RIBA73867Watford Town Hall, Hertfordshire: the main committee room with sliding partitions

RIBA73868Watford Town Hall, Hertfordshire: detail of one of the light fittings in the committee room


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