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RIBA6817St Mary, Worstead, Norfolk

RIBA6835St Mary-Le-Tower, Ipswich, Suffolk: the tower with knapped flint, chequered flushwork and an open parapet

RIBA6856St Mary-le-Strand, Strand, London: the west front with the steeple of St Clement Danes in the background

RIBA6990St Mary, Whitby, North Yorkshire, seen from the hilltop overlooking the fishing town of Whitby

RIBA9216St Mary's Church, Pembridge, Herefordshire: the detached octagonal-shape belfry with truncated pyramidal roof

RIBA10637St Mary's Church and Lambeth Palace gatehouse, Lambeth, London

RIBA10638St Mary-le-Strand, Strand, London: the west front seen from the south side of the Strand

RIBA11315St Mary's Priory Church, Leyland, Lancashire

RIBA11967St Mary's Church (Old Parish Church), Dairsie, Fife: the belfry

RIBA14017St Mary's Cathedral, Augsburg

RIBA14515St Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Cresswell Park, Blackheath, London

RIBA14956St Mary's church, Stamford, Lincolnshire: the bell tower and spire

RIBA14981St Mary's church, Clipsham, Rutland

RIBA16002St Mary-Le-Bow, Cheapside, City of London: plans, elevation and section

RIBA18672St Mary-le-Bow, Cheapside, City of London: the steeple of Portland stone

RIBA18704St Mary-le-Strand, London: view of the west front and steeple

RIBA22167St Mary's Church, Wheatley, Oxfordshire

RIBA31345St Mary's Church (New Church), Banbury, Oxfordshire: perspective view of the church and churchyard

RIBA38523St Mary-le-Bow, Cheapside, seen from the weed-covered bombsite around Cannon Street, City of London

RIBA47560St Mary's Square, Gloucester

RIBA47890St Mary-le-Strand, London: the east front

RIBA47947St Mary-Le-Bow, North Bailey, Durham

RIBA57360St Mary's Church, St Mary's Square, Swansea, West Glamorgan

RIBA60858St Mary's Cathedral (Dom St Maria), Hildesheim, Lower Saxony


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