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RIBA10655Tholos, Sanctuary of Athena, Marmaria, Delphi

RIBA21262The Temple of Hathor, Tentyra (Dendera): elevation of the entrance portico

RIBA21336Title page for a publication or paper on Indian architecture, featuring a rock-cut cave temple with four columns, probably from the Ellora caves complex

RIBA21421Theseum (Temple of Hephaestos and Athena Ergane), Athens: view of the north-west elevation with the Acropolis seen in the background

RIBA27501The Tholos, Sanctuary of Athena, Marmaria, Delphi

RIBA35459Topographical drawing of a statue of a bull, Pagoda (the Brihadishwara Temple), Tanjore

RIBA45581The Temple of Friendship, Pavlovsk

RIBA55418The Sacred Way looking towards the Treasury of Athens, Delphi

RIBA55421The Tholos, Sanctuary of Athena, Marmaria, Delphi

RIBA55422The Tholos, Sanctuary of Athena, Marmaria, Delphi

RIBA55423The Tholos, Sanctuary of Athena, Marmaria, Delphi

RIBA55444The Acropolis, Athens, seen from the south-west

RIBA65875Topographical drawing of an Ionic temple on the River Illissus, near Athens, with a hunting party in the foreground

RIBA66979Three soffits from the funerary temple, Palmyra

RIBA66980Three soffits of repositories in the funerary temple, Palmyra

RIBA95743'The Professor's Dream': a symposium of the principal architectural monuments of ancient & modern times, drawn to the same scale

RIBA99033Topographical drawing of the Great Hypostyle Hall, Precinct of Amon-Re, Karnak, Luxor

RIBA99101Topographical drawing of the Erechtheion, Acropolis, Athens: view of the caryatid portico

RIBA99110Topographical drawing of the Forum, Rome: view of the Temples of Vespasian and Saturn and the Arch of Septimus Severus

RIBA99111Topographical drawing of the Great Temple (or Temple of Jupiter) at Baalbek

RIBA100799The Doric Order (A-G): diagrams

RIBA100824Theatres and Circuses, Rome (A-E): plans, sections, and axonometrics

RIBA100825The Pantheon, Rome (A-E): plan, sections, elevations and perspective

RIBA100834The Arch of Titus, Rome (A-C); Arch of Septimus Severus, Rome (D-F); City Gates: Trier and Autun (G-H): elevations, sections and perspective


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