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RIBA2409-2C. F. A. Voysey seen in his study at his home, The Orchard, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire

RIBA13128Pencil sketch

RIBA13129Design for a workbox

RIBA15238Norney, Shackleford, Surrey

RIBA16865British Architect concrete competition: design for shops and offices using Hennebique patent ferro-concrete

RIBA17995Annesley Lodge, Hampstead, London

RIBA17996The Homestead, Second Avenue, Frinton-on-Sea, Essex

RIBA21233Design for a wallpaper for Sanderson & Sons, featuring blackbirds among stylized leaves

RIBA21236Design for a wallpaper featuring stylized roses, rosehips and leaves

RIBA22236Design for a fireplace: elevation, section, plan and details

RIBA22237Design for a staircase: section, plan and exterior view

RIBA22239Design for a stained 'muff glass' panel which is intended to show the use of outline and illustrates the theme of 19th century architecture

RIBA22246Design for a house and garden at Frensham, Surrey, for E. J. Horniman Esq.

RIBA22248Design for a monument to Queen Victoria

RIBA22254Design for a green carved wooden fireplace to illustrate a paper on chimneys and chimneypieces by Charles Voysey presented to the Quarto Imperial Club, London

RIBA22256Design for a fireplace: elevation

RIBA22261Design for a carved newel in the form of an elderly bearded man holding an open book for a staircase at 116 Victoria Street, London, for Essex & Co

RIBA22266Silhouette design for the central portion of a metal hinge of a cabinet to be mounted on red leather: the design features a shepherd with his wife, child and a sheep walking through the trees

RIBA22267Design for a wrought iron cabinet hinge

RIBA22268Design for bill-heading for C. Bechstein, Pianoforte Manufacturer, 40 Wigmore Street, London

RIBA22685Design for a wardrobe featuring carved angels: elevation and sections

RIBA22686Design for a wardrobe: detail of a carved angel with a bird

RIBA22687Design for a wardrobe: detail of carved angels with birds

RIBA24965Display centred on the fireplace decorated with Pilkington tiles flanked by an armchair on the left and a Chalford chair on the right


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