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RIBA6083Footbridge, the Royal Victoria Dock Bridge, London

RIBA17324Duke's Warehouse, Liverpool Dock: close-up of landward side of grain warehouse

RIBA17357Duke's warehouse, Liverpool Dock: close-up of landward facade

RIBA17478Duke's Dock, Liverpool: one of the pair of hexangonal look-out houses

RIBA17480Duke's Grain Warehouse, Duke's Dock, Liverpool: detail of a doorway

RIBA17490Duke's Grain Warehouse, Duke's Dock, Liverpool

RIBA17491Duke's Dock, Liverpool: the long narrow basin with Duke's Grain Warehouse in the background

RIBA17554Entrance to Fishmonger's Hall Wharf, Upper Thames Street, London

RIBA47235Docks on the River Ouse, Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire

RIBA47583Dockside warehouses, Prince's Dock (originally Junction Dock), Hull

RIBA47714Dock Officials' housing, Pier Head, London Docks, Wapping, London: close-up of the Doric porch and bow frontage

RIBA47769Firemen extinguishing a warehouse fire at Metropolitan and New Crane Wharf, Wapping Wall, London

RIBA47820Dockside warehouses at Cardinal's Hat, Bankside, Southwark, London

RIBA47826Dock winch, Bankside, Southwark, London, at dusk

RIBA49959Dockside at night, King's Lynn, Norfolk

RIBA61864Dockside on the River Hull

RIBA62252Docked ship, Liverpool

RIBA62254Docked ship and industrial hinterland, Liverpool

RIBA70157Footbridge, the Royal Victoria Dock Bridge, London, at night

RIBA88762Dock transit shed, Liverool Docks: detail of the concrete columns

RIBA88763Dock transit shed, Liverpool Docks

RIBA88764Dock transit shed, Liverpool Docks

RIBA88765Dock transit shed, Liverpool Docks

RIBA88766Dockside, Liverpool, with one of the new dock transit sheds to the right


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