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RIBA3948Drawings from a sketchbook showing the gatehouse of Cockermouth Castle, Cumbria, and part-plan of Norris Castle, East Cowes, Isle of White

RIBA11019Dunnottar Castle near Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire

RIBA11750Dunbeg Fort and Slea Head, Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry

RIBA18649Designs for fortifications

RIBA18652Examples of fortifications and how to build them

RIBA22329Details of machicolations from an unidentified building, Citta della Pieve

RIBA35773Fort (Manpurry Fort) near Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh: perspective view

RIBA35780Fort at Agra, Uttar Pradesh: perspective view of the Elephant Gate and walls

RIBA36446Design for carvings on a war memorial (World War One): sketched elevation showing soldiers engaged in trench warfare

RIBA41337Essaouira seen through a portal in the fortifications

RIBA47435Durham Castle: the keep

RIBA60423Diwan-i-Am (Hall of Public Audience), Red Fort, Delhi

RIBA60424Diwan-i-Am (Hall of Public Audience), Red Fort, Delhi

RIBA60826Eigelsteintor (Eagle's Gate), Eberplatz, Cologne

RIBA67844Designs for the lake at Thoresby Hall, Thoresby, Nottinghamshire: plan of the fortification by the lake

RIBA85658Design for an eight-sided fortress for an ideal city: half-plan and section

RIBA85659Design for an eight-sided fortress for an ideal city: half-plan

RIBA85660Designs for five fortresses for ideal cities: elevations and sections

RIBA89261Fort Brockhurst, near Gosport, Hampshire

RIBA89264Fort Brockhurst, near Gosport, Hampshire

RIBA100778Examples of Ancient European architecture: Prehistoric Defences: A) Lausitz Fortifications; B) Clickhimin; C) Biskupin; D) Stone Towers: perspectives and plans

RIBA100785Early Indian architecture: Harappa (A-B); Mohenjo-Daro (C-F): plans

RIBA100994Examples of military architecture in colonial Africa; A) Elmina Castle B) Richter House; C) Dixcove Fort D) Fort Jesus; E) Fort St. Jago F) The Castle, Cape Town: plans and aerial perspective

RIBA125153Design for the entrance to a fortress


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