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RIBA2682-16Crystal Palace, Sydenham, London: south transept and water tower

RIBA3990Design for a fountain in the gardens at Buckingham Palace, London

RIBA7718Deanery Garden, Sonning, Berkshire: the great bay window of the hall seen from the water garden

RIBA12104Design for a fountain

RIBA12459Design for a fountain proposed for portions of St James's and Green parks east of and contiguous to Buckingham Palace, London

RIBA12727Design for a fountain temple, Nantclwyd Reservoire, Nantclwyd Hall

RIBA15694Deanery Garden, Sonning, Berkshire: the Fountain Court

RIBA15695Deanery Garden, Sonning, Berkshire: the Fountain Court looking towards the vaulted passage entrance

RIBA17959'Dancing Fountain', Federal Garden Show, Cologne 1957

RIBA18760Design for a garden fountain

RIBA18949Design for a fountain

RIBA22475Design for a fountain incorporating a male river god seated on an urn and a central female statue set into a rocaille niche

RIBA24141Deanery Garden, Sonning, Berkshire: the house seen from the water garden

RIBA29323Design for a Gothic fountain incorporating flying buttresses

RIBA29325Design for a Gothic fountain: elevation

RIBA29666Design for a fountain

RIBA31459Design for a casino in the Flemish Gothic style: persective view of the rear facade and a fountain

RIBA34576Design for a fountain in the proposed gardens incorporating parts of St James's Park and Green Park to the east of Buckingham Palace, London: sculptural figures include St George and the dragon, Father Thames, Fame and Victory

RIBA36180Design for a garden temple and fountain: elevation, section and plan

RIBA39955Crystal Palace, Sydenham, London: the crossing

RIBA72573Derry and Toms roof garden, High Street Kensington, London: the court of fountains

RIBA97815Design for a fountain in the West (Tudor) Courtyard, Fulham Palace, London: plan, elevation, section and details

RIBA125694Design for a fountain, Royal Dairy, Frogmore, Windsor

RIBA125713Design for a drinking fountain, Bridgetown, Barbados, for John Montefiore: elevation


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