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RIBA16045Design for clock tower and ventilating shaft

RIBA16047Design for ventilating shaft for country mansion

RIBA19718Design for an oven

RIBA19719Design for a stove

RIBA20322Design for radiators for W.G. Cannon & Sons

RIBA21427Designs for a gas house: details of machinery

RIBA21591Design for the ventilation of the old House of Lords building, Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, London: section through the tower and roof

RIBA29879Design with later alterations and additions, as executed, for 22 Park Gate, Blackheath, London, for Leslie Bilsby: plans for heating, ventilation, water, gas and electrical supply

RIBA31011Design for the East Ham Chest Clinic, London, for Dr Philip Ellman: plans with tracings of a model illustrating sunlight penetration and ventilation throughout the building

RIBA36202Design for an exhibition stand for Ascot Gas Water Heaters Ltd. for the Building Exhibition 1955, Olympia, London: elevations, perspective and plan

RIBA36632Design for an extension to the British Museum, Montague Place, Bloomsbury, London: ground floor plan indicating ventilation ducts in the floor of the north library

RIBA36816Design for a Rumford stove for his Royal Highness the Duke of Kent

RIBA36972Design for a stove in the upper octagon room, Carlton House, Pall Mall, London

RIBA37118Design for an iron stove for bronzing: plan, elevation and section

RIBA66392Design for portable boiler: elevation

RIBA66393Design for portable boiler: plan and elevation

RIBA66885Designs for a gas house: plan and elevation

RIBA66887Designs for a gas house: plan of a large scheme with three separate buildings

RIBA67087Design for House of Lords, Palace of Westminster, London: design for a heating system

RIBA67586Design for the ventilating apparatus, Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey, City of London

RIBA68240Design for a stove and flue incorporated in a buttress: plan, elevation and section

RIBA68434Design for factory premises to include a house for Alexander Galloway at 20 (later 19-21) West Street, West Smithfield, City of London: section

RIBA68435Design for factory premises to include a house for Alexander Galloway at 20 (later 19-21) West Street, West Smithfield, City of London: section

RIBA94464Design for the Royal Infirmary, Liverpool: plan, elevation, section and details for terracotta shafts to circular wards


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