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RIBA16047Design for ventilating shaft for country mansion

RIBA16049Designs for chimney and ventilating shaft top finishings

RIBA20322Design for radiators for W.G. Cannon & Sons

RIBA20458Designs for alterations to the Church of St Paul, Rectory Grove, Clapham, London: plans and elevation showing a heating system

RIBA21427Designs for a gas house: details of machinery

RIBA21591Design for the ventilation of the old House of Lords building, Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, London: section through the tower and roof

RIBA29879Design with later alterations and additions, as executed, for 22 Park Gate, Blackheath, London, for Leslie Bilsby: plans for heating, ventilation, water, gas and electrical supply

RIBA31011Design for the East Ham Chest Clinic, London, for Dr Philip Ellman: plans with tracings of a model illustrating sunlight penetration and ventilation throughout the building

RIBA66392Design for portable boiler: elevation

RIBA66393Design for portable boiler: plan and elevation

RIBA66884Designs for a gas house: sketch plan and elevation

RIBA66885Designs for a gas house: plan and elevation

RIBA66886Designs for a gas house: sections and elevation

RIBA66887Designs for a gas house: plan of a large scheme with three separate buildings

RIBA67087Design for House of Lords, Palace of Westminster, London: design for a heating system

RIBA67586Design for the ventilating apparatus, Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey, City of London

RIBA68166Designs for alterations to the Church of St Paul, Rectory Grove, Clapham, London: plan and elevation showing the heating system at the west end of the church

RIBA68435Design for factory premises to include a house for Alexander Galloway at 20 (later 19-21) West Street, West Smithfield, City of London: section

RIBA82914Designs for alterations and addition to the house and for garden buildings, Park Hill, Streatham Common North, London, for William Leaf: section of the glazing of the conservatory showing the ventilation mechanism in the crown of the roof

RIBA84759Designs for new drainage and ventilation, The Limes, Shernhall Street, Walthamstow, London, for Joseph Gurney Barclay: sketch of 'works to be done immediately'

RIBA84800Designs for alterations and additions to Little Grove, East Barnet, London, for Frederick Cass: plan and section of drum and skylight over the stairs to Mr Cass's dressing room showing the ventilator

RIBA94010Designs for Churchill Gardens Estate, Pimlico, London: elevations of the pumphouse and accumulator tower

RIBA94464Design for the Royal Infirmary, Liverpool: plan, elevation, section and details for terracotta shafts to circular wards

RIBA97654Designs for All Saints, Brockhampton-by-Ross, Herefordshire: plan showing heating system


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