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RIBA3306-513-19 Meadow Way Green, Letchworth Garden City

RIBA605638 and 39 Cheyne Walk, London

RIBA1080233 and 34 Moray Place, New Town, Edinburgh

RIBA1420037 Harley Street, Marylebone, London

RIBA1469339-43 Castle Street, New Town, Edinburgh

RIBA234152B Houses, Peterlee: close-up of the herring-bone weatherboarding

RIBA244624, 6, 8 and 8a Rutland Gate, Knightsbridge, London: street view of numbers 8a and 8

RIBA2513042 Upper Brook Street, Mayfair, London: the communal entrance hall

RIBA3037226, 28 and 30 Church Street, Lambley, Nottinghamshire

RIBA4373842 Brooklands Park, Blackheath, London

RIBA4374142-44 Brooklands Park, Blackheath, London

RIBA4541026 Emperor's Gate, London: view of the drawing room with candlesticks, cabinet and chairs designed by George Walton

RIBA5569832-40 Albury Street, Deptford, London

RIBA5571327-28 Great Queen Street, Holborn, London

RIBA5573136-40 Well Walk, Hampstead, London

RIBA557362-6 Perrins Court, Hampstead, London

RIBA5575840-47 Wilmington Square, Islington, London

RIBA557593-10 Lloyd Square, Islington, London

RIBA5576530-40 Lloyd Baker Street, Islington, London

RIBA5578733-42 Claremont Square, Pentonville, London

RIBA10145325 bis, rue Benjamin Franklin, Paris

RIBA135936312 Helsinki Dreispitz, Basel

RIBA135937312 Helsinki Dreispitz, Basel: the junction between the archive building and the flats above

RIBA135938312 Helsinki Dreispitz, Basel


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