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RIBA6657Jardin des Plantes, Paris: people playing cards

RIBA15421Life drawing class at the Royal Academy, Somerset House, Strand, London

RIBA17700Illustration showing three male caryatids supporting an entablature

RIBA17701Illustration showing three female caryatids supporting an entablature

RIBA20911Page of figure sketches and caricatures including members of a military band on horseback

RIBA22454Prior Crauden's Chapel, Ely: perspective view showing figures in medieval dress in the foreground

RIBA28602Port of London Authority Building, Trinity Square, Tower Hill, City of London: giant sculpture of Neptune or 'Father Thames' sculpted by Albert Hodge and positioned above the central Corinthian portico

RIBA29598Mural design for 'The Wedding of Sir Degrevaunt', for William Morris's home at the Red House, Bexleyheath, London: scene showing the wedding procession with musicians

RIBA31781Palazzo Valmarana, Vicenza: sketches of statues and capitals

RIBA32595Interior view of a Parisian cafe bar, with customers seated at tables

RIBA36153Montage of photographs demonstrating how poor sanitation, diet, living and working conditions cause ill health: images include slum dwellings, an outside toilet, factories, classrooms, unemployed men and two children - one healthy the other undernourished

RIBA36283Illustration showing three caryatids supporting an entablature, with accompanying text

RIBA38293Proportion studies of the human head and face

RIBA38294Proportion studies of the human head and face

RIBA38295Proportion studies of the human head and face

RIBA38907'Long Man' carved into slopes of Windover Hill on the South Downs at Wilmington, East Sussex

RIBA42437Row of caryatids in a courtyard, Broadway, Worcestershire

RIBA47219Madame Tussauds, London: hanging hands

RIBA52019Madonna and Child by Henry Moore for St Matthew's in Northampton: the statue in the artist's studio

RIBA63640Labyrinth, Parco Sempione, X Triennale, Milan: graffiti of a dancing couple

RIBA80202Porte d'Orsay, Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes, Paris 1925, seen from inside the exhibition grounds

RIBA85653Plane and solid geometrical figures, with Vitruvian figure of a man within a square and circle in the centre

RIBA125920Rapid sketches of peasants and a more detailed figure of a seated peasant with colour notes

RIBA126119Pen drawing of St George and the Dragon


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