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RIBA2762-20Lloyd's building, Lime Street, City of London, seen from the west

RIBA7830Lift enclosure in unknown building

RIBA33308RCA Victor Building (General Electric Building), 570 Lexington Avenue at 51st Street, New York: close-up of one of the lifts

RIBA34461Oriente station, Lisbon: the heart of the station looking towards the ticket hall

RIBA41244Lloyd's Building, Lime Street, City of London: facade detail

RIBA52033Mount Royal flats, Bryanston Street, Marble Arch, London: the first floor lift lobby

RIBA54750New Bodleian Library, Parks Road, Oxford: one of the despatch and delivery stations in the book stacks

RIBA56371Psychiatric Unit, Herdmanflat Hospital, Haddington, East Lothian: north side showing the lift tower and vehicular approach

RIBA61358Office building, Tottenham Court Road, London: lifts in the entrance hall

RIBA61871Office of Yorke Rosenberg and Mardall, Greystoke Place off Fetter Lane, City of London: the cantilevered staircase and glazed lift well

RIBA64145Old people's housing, Commonwealth Avenue, White City, London: the lift looby

RIBA71592Peter Jones department store, Sloane Square, London: the lift foyer with display cases

RIBA72991Offices for 'The Practitioner Magazine', Bentinck Street, London: the circular lift

RIBA73757Poplar Town Hall, Tower Hamlets, London: an upper landing with lift and stairs

RIBA74798Peter Robinson, 65 Strand, London: detail of the side elevation to Adam Street showing projecting lift towers

RIBA75833Office building for Taylor Woods, 45-46 Albemarle Street, London: one of the lifts

RIBA75990Offices for Eagle Star Insurance Company Limited, 1 Threadneedle Street, City of London: the reception and lift lobby

RIBA77230Offices, South Quay Plaza, Docklands, London: the lift

RIBA87434Printing works and offices for Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: the entrance hall

RIBA93863Leadenhall Building, City of London: lift control panel

RIBA93864Leadenhall Building, City of London: lift control panel

RIBA93865Leadenhall Building, City of London: lift control panel

RIBA93957Leadenhall Building, City of London: the service tower and viewing platorm

RIBA111098Palais Garnier (Opera de Paris), Place de l'Opera, Paris: details of the main lift used for the stage machinery


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