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RIBA5980Dome of Cathedral, Puebla

RIBA9096Hasht Behesht, Isfahan: the ceiling

RIBA9387Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya Museum), Istanbul: detail of a mosaic of the Empress Zoe

RIBA13570Duomo, Orvieto: the polychrome main façade with sculpture by Lorenzo Maitani

RIBA16050Details of mosaics in San Lorenzo fuori le Mura and columns in the cloister of San Giovanni in Laterano, Rome

RIBA18859Fragments of decoration, Pompeii

RIBA22113Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: view of the sanctuary from the north aisle

RIBA25919Exhibition of British Industrial Art in Relation to the Home, Dorland Hall, Regent Street, London: close-up of 'Sun God' in the forecourt to the 'contemporary home'

RIBA28786Funerary complex of Sheik 'Abd al-Samad, Natanz

RIBA28794Emamzadeh (shrine of) Abu Lolo, Kashan

RIBA29569Design for the Chapel of St Andrew and the Saints of Scotland, Westminster Cathedral, London: ironwork screen and wall decoration incorporating depictions of the cities of Constantinople, St Andrews and Milan

RIBA33258Getty Villa, J. Paul Getty Museum, Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles

RIBA41698Expiatory Church of the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona: the east towers with mosaic pinnacles

RIBA41699Expiatory Church of the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona: close-up of the mosaic inscriptions on the towers

RIBA61540East Walk and bus station, Town Square, Basildon, Essex

RIBA78742Hotel Tassel, Brussels: the entrance hall looking towards the main door

RIBA90707Duomo, Siena: the main facade

RIBA91461Horniman Museum, 100 London Road, Forest Hill, London: the mural above the front entrance

RIBA97882Detail of a mosaic tablet in a museum, Palermo, Sicily

RIBA101009Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: the north hall and gallery

RIBA101010Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: the south gallery

RIBA101011Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: view from the nave towards the side door in the west bay of the north hall

RIBA111885Gavina Showroom, via Altabella, Bologna: detail of concrete pool surrounded by mosaic tiles

RIBA111886Gavina Showroom, via Altabella, Bologna: detail of the concrete pool surrounded by mosaic tiles


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