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RIBA9763Houses and minaret of a mosque, Tozeur

RIBA14380Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

RIBA14383Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: the gallery

RIBA14384Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: the south-east exedra

RIBA14385Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: the south aisle

RIBA14386Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: the gallery

RIBA14387Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: the gallery

RIBA14388Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: the gallery

RIBA14389Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: aisle

RIBA16115Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: section

RIBA22113Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: view of the sanctuary from the north aisle

RIBA58826Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: the Imperial Tribune (the Sultan's Box)

RIBA78890Hotel and Conference Centre, Riyadh: detail of light fitting against the wall of the adjacent mosque

RIBA78895Hotel and Conference Centre, Riyadh: detail of the colonnade in the courtyard of the adjacent mosque

RIBA91237Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: detail of water spout

RIBA91238Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: detail of minaret

RIBA101003Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, seen from the west

RIBA101004Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: the entrance courtyard with the ablutions fountain

RIBA101005Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: the gate to the precinct

RIBA101007Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: the central door from the narthex to the nave known as the Imperial Gate

RIBA101008Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: the three doors from the church to the inner narthex

RIBA101009Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: the north hall and gallery

RIBA101010Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: the south gallery

RIBA101011Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: view from the nave towards the side door in the west bay of the north hall


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