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RIBA13435Design for a nobleman's town house: elevation showing sculpture in the central pediment and a coat of arms over the central doorway, the roofline decorated with a balustrade and statues

RIBA16911Design for a Tuscan gate

RIBA21692Design for a military or ordnance building

RIBA32975Design for a house for Robert Walpole: elevation and plan

RIBA35011Design for Burlington House, Piccadilly, London: the great gate

RIBA35759Design for a large building: elevation and plans

RIBA36158Design for a public building in the grand Classical manner: elevation

RIBA36495Design for a house with a nine bay centre featuring a giant Corinthian portico along the whole length and two lower wings at either end

RIBA36638Design for alterations and additions to Greenbank, Chester, Cheshire, for E. Peter Jones Esq.: elevations

RIBA36676Design for the Ashmolean Museum and Taylorian Institute, Oxford: detail of pediment sculpture

RIBA37406Design for a rusticated window, probably for Sir Robert Walpole's 'New Design'

RIBA66119Design for a Doric tetrastyle temple: plan and elevation

RIBA66291Design for office buildings for Johann Wilhelm, Dusseldorf: elevation with flap down showing central bay and pediment design

RIBA66293Design for a nobleman's town house: elevation showing the roofline decorated with a balustrade and vases

RIBA81182Design for Bush House, Aldwych, London: details of the box gutter over the pediment at the main entrance

RIBA81184Design for Bush House, Aldwych, London: central feature on west elevation, 7th floor to roof, including plan, elevation and sections

RIBA82413Design for a villa for John Robinson, Esq.: elevation of entrance front

RIBA95126Design for a terrace of 15 houses: plan of the facade and elevation

RIBA95127Design for a terrace of 14 houses: elevation

RIBA95383Design for a villa adapted to park scenery: plan and perspective

RIBA96724Design for a five-bay house with attached side pavilions: ground floor plan and entrance elevation with shield bearing the arms of the Hunt family in the pediment

RIBA96726Design for a five-bay house with two pavilions attached to the main block by quadrants: front elevation

RIBA96760Design for a house of five bays: alternative principal floor plan, basement and bedroom floor plans and entrance elevation

RIBA99932Design for an entrance gate or pavilion: the first storey has three arches, the second storey shows alternative designs and the whole surmounted by a central curved pediment


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