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RIBA12946Design for a screen for Worksop Manor

RIBA22520Design for a screen for the baptistery of an existing church, featuring two helmets

RIBA29071Design for a screen, possibly intended for a garden, incorporating a central arched opening flanked by female statues set within niches

RIBA29072Design for a reredos or screen in the form of a triumphal arch

RIBA29073Design for an altarpiece or baldacchino incorporating a central arched opening flanked by a male statue set within a niche

RIBA29157Design for a two-storeyed screen possibly as executed for Worksop Manor: partial front elevation and plan

RIBA29158Design for an arcaded screen with a door at either end

RIBA31255Design for a stage set featuring a curved screen with a central triumphal archway and a fountain beyond

RIBA32188Design for Stoke Park (or Earlstoke/Erlestoke Park), Wiltshire, for Joshua Smith: perspective of he hall showing decoration of the ceiling and the hall screen

RIBA35869Design for a screen in the form of a triumphal arch: elevation

RIBA37456Design for an arched screen: elevation of one bay

RIBA37457Design for an arched screen: elevation of one bay

RIBA37940Design for stone organ screen dividing nave from choir, Peterborough Cathedral: perspective from the south-west of the south transept

RIBA54280Design for alterations to Binfield Lodge, Binfield, Berkshire, for Captain Ernest Rhodes: elevation of the wooden screen in front of the dais and fireplace in the billiard room

RIBA69023Design for the restoration of the west side of the rood screen, St Mary's Church, Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire

RIBA82587Design for shop front and screen, 43 Union Street, Plymouth, for Mr. Edmund Fry: plan, elevation and details of shop front and plan, elevation, section and details of interior screen

RIBA82591Design for a shop, 46 St Aubyn Street, Devonport, Plymouth, for Mr Foster: plan and elevation of shop front and of interior screen, section of screen and external and internal details

RIBA92312Design for the Cathedral Church of St Martin (Leicester Cathedral), Leicester: one-quarter full size details of the screen between chancel and nave

RIBA94848Design for a screen for the Church of All Saints, King's Cliffe, Northamptonshire: elevation

RIBA97677Design for the choir screen, Salisbury Cathedral: plan and elevation

RIBA98135Design for a screen, Westminster Hall, Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, London: sketch plans and elevation for the south end of the hall

RIBA125693Design for the central doorway of an entrance screen with plan beneath and alternative designs to left and right

RIBA125723Design for a screen in the hall of a private house: elevation

RIBA126575Design for screen at the west (tower) end, St Pancras Church, West Bagborough, Somerset: elevation


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