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RIBA5152Vega vegetarian restaurant, Panton Street, Westminster, London

RIBA15298Traffic lights, Chicago

RIBA15795Water towers, Crystal Palace, Sydenham, London

RIBA16385Various Parisian lamp posts

RIBA17252Traditional nineteenth century road sign at Cookham with sans serif type setting and white lettering on black background

RIBA20934View of Hyde Park Corner, London, prior to alterations

RIBA40155Walled-in mail boxes, Marrakech

RIBA42206Wellhead and shelter with postbox, The Knoll, Anstey, Hertfordshire

RIBA44939Waiting for the bus in the rain, Central London

RIBA47451Tram stop in Edinburgh

RIBA51956Water pump, Cornhill, City of London

RIBA53892Water pump

RIBA62139Waiting for a taxi

RIBA76038Town centre, Burslem, Staffordshire: the new pedestrian area to the west of the old town hall with seating and concrete flower tubs


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